70+ Gifts for Gamers to Level Up Their Experience

Give the gamer in your life a gift that'll make them jump for joy like Mario.

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From a gaming keyboard to the latest and greatest VR headsets, and even a one-of-a-kind video game platform that involves a folding cardboard, we've rounded up the best gifts for gamers.

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SCUF Vantage Wireless Controller

If you're familiar with the Xbox One's Elite wireless controller, the Vantage is the PlayStation equivalent. This controller gives you a competitive edge thanks to its back paddles, two additional side buttons, and remapping capabilities.

The controller doesn't come cheap, though. It starts at $170 for the wired model, and $200 for the wireless variant. However, if you want the ultimate gaming controller for your PS4, it's an easy price to pay.

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Fully Charged T-Shirt

Let's be real — gifting gaming gadgets and accessories can get expensive. We promise they'll love this affordable T-shirt just as much as any fancy gaming device, so you don't have to blow your budget.

Holiday Gifting Made Easy

This Amazon e-gift card makes the perfect holiday gift for the person on your list who has everything. You can even send this by email and schedule it so it arrives exactly on time!

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Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia: The Official Guide to the First 30 Years
$23.99 (40% off)

If you're gifting gamers who grew up stomping Goombas, collecting coins, and jumping for mushrooms, this book is sure to put a smile on their face — especially since there's a high likelihood Super Mario Bros. was the first game they've ever played.

This hardcover book covers the first 17 games in the Super Mario Bros. series, and will let you relive your favorite levels, and learn about enemies, characters, and the creation of the franchise. It has 250 pages, and would make for a lovely coffee table book.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man

Thanks to its heart-tugging storyline, clever nods to the comic series, and fast-paced gameplay, this PS4 exclusive is one of the best games that has come out so far this year. Spider-Man will appeal to gamers of all ages. 

Plus, the game's excellent mechanics and stellar recreation of New York City allow you to explore and create fun of your own as you take the role of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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If you want to one-up Santa, gift one of these full-sized arcade cabinets. They feature retro games like Street Fighter, Rampage, Centipede, Asteroids and Galaga, but you won't need any quarters! The cabinets are about 4 feet tall and will definitely add some pizzazz to your home setup. 

Unfortunately, you have to assemble the machine. It took a CNET editor an hour and 30 minutes to put it together.

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Wanle iPhone X Game Phone Case

Chances are, the gamer you’re shopping for has owned a Game Boy in their life at one point or another. 

This nostalgia-inducing, Game Boy-inspired case actually has functional buttons and a screen on it for playing video games. They'll be able to play games like Tetris, Frogger, and Snake on it. The case will still let you wirelessly charge your phone, and it includes two batteries.

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BirdRock Gaming Chair
$74.99 (32% off)

Most gaming chairs stick out like a sore thumb and don't blend in with your furniture, but not this option from BirdRock. It's comfortable and supportive for gaming on the floor, and it is much better-looking than other options. Even better — it costs less than $100, making it an affordable and useful gift for the gamer in your life.

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey

For fans of role-playing games, consider gifting Assassin's Creed Odyssey, which allows you to become a legendary Spartan hero in ancient Greece. As you embark on your journey, you'll discover new landscapes, experience epic combat, and embark on several story-based quests. 

What we love most about this game is how you get to decide how its story unfolds. We've already played for over 30 hours, and we don't see us putting down the controller anytime soon. The game is available on PS4, PC, or Xbox One.

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Blood, Sweat, and Pixels
$10.87 (32% off)

Blood, Sweat, and Pixels is a book about the making of popular games like Dragon Age: Inquisition, Destiny, and The Witcher 3. This book offers an inside perspective on what it takes to make a successful game. It's an outstanding and fascinating read that'll make the gamer in your life appreciate games even more.

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Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

The Boosted Stealth is an electric skateboard with a sleek, matte-black finish that'll make you feel like you own a Batman gadget. Plus with a ride this smooth, you'll feel like you’re in a video game. It reaches speeds up to 24 miles per hour and offers a rather impressive 14-mile-long range. Most commuters wouldn’t even have to recharge it before leaving work to head back home.

Its included remote instantly responds to your commands, and its brakes are regenerative and reliable. With a board this fast, you’ll definitely want a strong braking mechanism — and a helmet!

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AmazonBasics Controller Battery Charger

This nifty accessory sits flush to the left side of your Xbox One S's optical drive and serves as an easy way to recharge your wireless controllers' batteries. It plugs directly into the Xbox's built-in USB port, comes with two battery packs, and has LED indicator lights so you know when recharging is complete. 

We like to always keep one battery charging while the other is in our controller to ensure a low battery never gets in the way of gameplay.

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Xbox Wireless Controller Sport White Special Edition
$50.22 (28% off)


This newly launched wireless controller from Microsoft features a fresh white base color complemented by mint green accents, plus some gray and silver patterns spread throughout. It has a gray, rubberized diamond grip on its backside, and it comes packaged with 14-day trials for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.

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Anker PowerPort with 1 PD and 4 PIQ

This powerful charger from Anker is capable of simultaneously charging your Nintendo Switch, a Pro Controller, and your smartphone at full speed — with two ports to spare! It has five ports in total (one USB-C PD port for fast charging and four PowerIQ USB-A ports that boast charging speeds up to 2.4A per port), plus a power cord that's 5 feet long.

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DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is one of the most portable but capable drones you can buy. It's incredibly easy to fly, and it has sensors that allow you to control it with gestures. Just wave your hand to send it 15 feet away, raise both your hands for it to come back to you, and place your open palm underneath it and it'll land right in your hand. The Spark will follow you, record videos, and even take selfies!

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NES Classic Edition

You've probably heard of the hot-selling NES Classic Edition already. If not, it's a mini version of the original NES that lets you play old-school games. This cute console is filled with 30 total games — including all three Super Mario Bros. titles, The Legend of Zelda, and more!

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the long-awaited return to the popular franchise. New fighters like Inklings from the Splatoon series and Ridley from Metroid will make their debut. During E3, Nintendo said the game will feature every single character from the series' history. 

It's sure to have plenty of new stages filled with extremely fast combat, new attacks, and defensive options. If you're the ultimate gift giver, consider splurging for the Ultimate Special Edition variant which comes with a Pro controller.

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Tryone Gooseneck Stand

The possibilities are endless with this Switch stand. You can clip it to your bed frame, a desk, your child's carseat, a chair — you name it. Its clamp grips onto surfaces up to 3 inches thick, and the stand's aluminum arm is sturdy but flexible.

The stand works with devices that have a 4- to 10-inch-sized screen, making it a great option for the Switch or a standard-size iPad. If you want to play Zelda in bed while lying down flat, this stand has your back!

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Epic Games
Fortnite Four Llamas T-Shirt

Llamas are the loot boxes in the popular game Fortnite. Only three supply llamas appear in each match, making them extremely rare. While this T-shirt won't give you any traps, ammo, or help you spawn in random places, it'll definitely make for an awesome gift for the Fortnite fan in your life.

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God of War Original Soundtrack

God of War is considered one of the best games released this year for its beautiful open world, absolutely brilliant main storyline, puzzles, and its unique melee combat. This collectible vinyl will help you relive the game in a whole new light. Although you won't be able to blare it while slaying foes like you would in the game, it'll definitely make doing the dishes a lot more epic.

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Ortz Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

The best part about the Nintendo Switch is its portability, so you'll probably want a case to carry everything in that protects your $300 console. 

During our testing, we found that this case from Ortz holds 29 games and two MicroSD cards, and it has a mesh pocket for stashing charging cables, ear buds, a portable battery or two extra Joy-Con. It'll keep your Switch snug, secure, and safe against scuffs, scratches, and spills.

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Furmax Gaming Chair

If you're looking to upgrade your gamer's battle station, consider shopping for this racing-style office chair. It's a faux-leather chair that comes in several different colors to match your desk and RGB gaming keyboard, including blue, red, black, and white. It offers a high backrest to support your spine and neck, a tilt mechanism that lets it rock, and an adjustable design for maximum comfort.

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Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

This computer desk is the ultimate gift for gamers. It offers plenty of room for their rig — including a gaming computer, mouse, keyboard, and more. It's available in five colors to match any setup. We're big fans of its integrated cable management system and built-in mousepad. It's adjustable, too, so you can find the perfect height. Its surface is large enough to accommodate three monitors.

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Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality is still slightly out of reach for some people because some headsets require an expensive gaming computer or an Android smartphone to run — but not the Oculus Go. It's a standalone virtual reality headset with a built-in display and motion tracking.

It has a 3-hour battery, so you can stay immersed in your favorite games, movies, and experiences much longer than you'd be able to with competing mobile headsets like the Gear VR or Google Daydream.

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Santa Monica Studio
God of War

God of War is one of those games that after you spend hours upon hours of playing it, you still want more. So far, it’s the best game of 2018. The story picks back off with Kratos, the Spartan god of war, after he lost his wife. He and his young son Atreus must continue their journey through the world of Midgard.

The game offers unique melee combat, plenty of side quests, puzzles, and extra challenges you can take along the way while you're completing the absolutely brilliant main storyline.

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Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter: World is an RPG where you take the role of a hunter to slay ferocious beasts in intense battles. From a chameleon-bird that pukes poison, to a wolf-fish hybrid, and everything in-between, there's plenty of bizarre beasts to defeat, plus a slew of weapons and armor to help make battle a little easier.

The game will provide hours of entertainment, and its cooperative multiplayer offers an excellent way to learn from other players and tackle quests together

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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Believe it or not, this "new" Donkey Kong Country game was actually released a few years ago on the Wii U. It's a 3D side-scroller port where you play as DK or one of his many friends to help save their home from Vikings. It features the same barrel-blasting, mine-cart racing, banana-collecting gameplay as before — but now you can play it anywhere on the ultra portable Nintendo Switch.

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amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch (2-Pack)

This affordable screen protector is crystal clear, scratch-resistant, and easy to apply. Fingerprints wipe right off, and it doesn't cause a glare on your screen either. Best of all, you get two of them with your purchase! It even includes a handy guide and all the tools you need to apply it.

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YTEAM PS4 Controller Charger

This convenient accessory is an affordable, quick, and easy way to recharge your PlayStation 4 controllers. It'll fully recharge two controllers in just 2 hours. Our only complaint is that its bright blue LED lights can be a bit obnoxious at nighttime, so you may not want to use it in a bedroom.

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Nintendo Labo

Labo is an innovative, exciting, and zany new video game platform from Nintendo. It's a line of DIY toys — typically made from cardboard — that you fold and attach to either the Switch or a Joy-Con controller.

There are several games and accessories to build an experience, from a music simulator (where you’ll construct your own instruments), to a fishing game, and there's a kit that puts you in the driver's seat of a car, a submarine, and a plane. There's even one that lets you become a robot. Nintendo Labo is a great gift for kids or their parents, and it's a fun way to bring the whole family together.

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Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus

Surely you've heard of Pokémon GO. This nifty little bracelet lets you "catch em all" without looking down at your smartphone in the process. It'll blink and vibrate whenever you're within range of a PokéStop or are near a Pokémon. It's one of those gifts that a player would love to have, but probably would never buy for themselves.