The 30+ Craziest Flavors Your Favorite Brands Are Releasing in 2018

Who doesn't love a new twist on a classic favorite?

craziest flavors 2018

Get your taste buds ready! These exciting new flavors from all your favorite snack brands are hitting shelves this year, and we can't wait to try them.

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Mickey Oreos
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Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Oreos

Our favorite mouse is turning 90, and to celebrate, he’s getting an Oreo flavor in his honor. Mickey Mouse's actual birthday is Nov. 23, but the new birthday cake-flavored Oreos will hit shelves on Sept. 24.

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Hershey's Milk Chocolate and Reese's Whipped Cream

Remember way back when, when chocolate whipped cream rocked our worlds? Your desserts will get even better with these Hershey's Milk Chocolate and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup whipped cream toppings. Put them on your ice cream, waffles, pie, or just eat them out of the can!

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International Delight
Oreo International Delight Creamer

First we had Reese's Peanut Butter Cup creamer and now (starting on July 18), International Delight brings us Oreo-flavored creamer! Your morning coffee just got that much better.

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Birthday Cake and Cookie Crisp Cereal

It's a little strange that General Mills' Cookie Crisp cereal would be flavored as anything other than some sort of cookie, but hey, this is 2018! Anything is possible! And plus, birthday cake-flavored treats will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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Dippin Dots Cereal

This new Dippin' Dots Cereal — that comes in Cookies 'n Cream and Banana Split — literally tastes just like the frozen treat everyone loves.

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Oreo Delight
Oreo Iced Coffee

International Delight now offers — for a limited time — Oreo iced coffee. No, we’re serious. And it’s actually amazing.

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Mountain Dew Berry Monsoon

Sold exclusively at the soda fountains at Sam's Club, the new Berry Monsoon is a must-try for any Mountain Dew fan.

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Reddi Whip
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Reddi-Wip Dairy-Free Whipped Cream

You’ll literally want to put this on everything. The new dairy-free whipped creams comes in coconut milk and almond milk. According to shoppers who’ve already tried both, the coconut milk version is the winner.

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Cold Stone Cereal
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Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Cake Cereal

Cold Stone for breakfast? Now you can thanks to the new cereal! This Birthday Cake Remix flavor is cake batter flavored cereal with chocolate flavored marshmallows. They also have a Strawberry Blonde flavor.

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Unicorn Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper's new "Pick your Pepper" campaign features a variety of fun new labels for the classic soda. Our favorite? This majestic AF unicorn one.

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Pringles Nashville Hot Chicken

When you think of potential Pringles flavors, hot chicken probably doesn't come up. But we tried them for ourselves and decided that they're good, and have a bit of a dill pickle flavor to them. Watch our taste-test here!

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Ice Breakers
Ice Breakers
Ice Breakers ICE CUBES Glitter Gum Summer Snow Cone

Ice Breakers released a first-of-its-kind gum sprinkled with edible glitter. Each cube is shimmering and packed with a delicious snow cone flavor. It'll only be on shelves for a limited time, so get it before it's gone.

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Red Bull Summer Edition
Red Bull
Red Bull Summer Edition

Summer just got a whole lot better with Red Bull’s new summer edition flavor, coconut berry.

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Sauce Chips
Taco Bell
Taco Bell Hot Sauce Flavored Tortilla Chips

Taco Bell's new tortilla chips come in three flavors — Classic, Mild, and Fire — and are packaged to look like Taco Bell's famous sauce packets, flames and all. If you already know how good their sauces are, you can only imagine how amazing these chips will be.

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Sweet Heat Starbursts
Sweet Heat Starburst

The new Starburst Sweet Heat really pack the spice in each of the four flavors; Fiery Watermelon, Flamin’ Orange, Strawberry Mango, and Pipin’ Pineapple.

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Unicorn Magic
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Unicorn Magic

Fruity pink ice cream, sour blue raspberry swirl, frosting swirl, and glitter candy bits?! Basically heaven in a tub.

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Spring Oreo
Spring Oreos

The same Oreo taste we love, with yellow creme and four different spring designs.

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Pizza in a Bag
Pizza In A Bag

Pizza In A Bag is basically combining all the pizza flavors we love into a pepperoni jerky. Choose one of the three flavors — Pepperoni Pizza Style, Supreme Pizza Style, and Buffalo Pizza Style — all sold at Walmart.

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Sweet Heat Skittles
Sweet Heat Skittles

Sizzlin' Strawberry, Fiery Watermelon, Flamin' Orange, Lemon Spark, and Blazin' Mango are the five new flavors in Mars’ new Sweet Heat Skittles. If you’re a spicy fan, you’ll want to try these.

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Lucky Charms With the MAGICAL Unicorn

Your mornings just got 200% more magical — because Lucky Charms just announced the first NEW PERMANENT marshmallow in over 10 years. Are you ready for it? It's the MAGICAL UNICORN! Get ready for your breakfast game to instantly improve.

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Biena Thin Mints
Biena Thin Mints Chickpea Snacks

Get your sweet fix with these new Biena Thin Mints Chickpea snacks. Look out for them in Whole Foods stores June 2018.

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Ben & Jerrys
Ben & Jerry's Moo-phoria

Your favorite ice cream is now a little healthier for you — literally. Ben & Jerry's just released three new flavors: Peanut Butter Dough, Caramel Cookie Fix, and Chocolate Milk & Cookies — all at 140 calories per serving! YES please!

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Sour Patch Kids has a new Fire flavor
Sour Patch Kids Fire

In case regular Sour Patch Kids weren't tongue-twisting enough, you can get the Fire flavor that adds some heat to the candy before turning sweet!

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Go-Gurt Sour Patch Kids

Pucker up! These Go-Gurt Sour Patch Kid tubes come in blue raspberry and redberry. The sweet-and-sour taste brings a whole new excitement to snack time.

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Cheez-It Duoz

These new Cheez-It Duoz bring a whole new meaning to "snack mix." Both new flavor combos will have you addicted after the first bite.

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New Diet Coke Flavors

Calling all Diet Coke lovers! There are four new millennial-oriented flavors hitting shelves in 2018: twisted mango, zesty blood orange, feisty cherry, and ginger lime. The new additions, along with classic Diet Coke, will come in new slim cans.

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Spicy Guacamole Pringles

Holy guacamole! These Pringles aren't messing around. They're spicy and packed with flavor!

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Buffalo Wing Flavored Cheez-It Crackers

Cheez-It crackers with a Buffalo wings flavor? They're even more addicting than regular Cheez-Its ... if that's even possible.

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Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes

This cereal combo is gonna be grrrrrreat! Even though there's no sign of Tony the Tiger — "frosted flakes" isn't trademarked by General Mills — we still know this cereal will make mornings even more magically delicious.

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Kellogg's Donut Cereal

Breakfast just got a whole lot sweeter with the new Kellogg's donut flavor cereal. Whichever flavor you prefer — chocolate or pink strawberry — it will be the highlight of your morning.

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Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreos

Still dunkable and delicious with a glass of milk, these cinnamon Oreos are a tasty twist on the classic cookie.

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Screamin' Dill Pickle Pringles

Anything that's pickle-flavored gets two thumbs up from us.

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Doritos Blaze

Doritos Blaze hit shelves in early 2018 and joined the two other staple flavors, Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch. More sweet and spicy than extra hot, these Doritos have an exciting hot-sauce kick to them.

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