Cheat Engine Apk Download 6.5.2 Latest Version For Android

Cheat Engine Apk is basically a game hacking app that can help you to remove some special restrictions imposed by game developers. You can actually use Cheat Engine Apk to hack almost every games to get unlimited game resources like unlimited golds, coins, gems, tokens, life etc. This is one of the best apps that every gamer would love to have on their Android smartphone.

We all now holds an Android smartphone. Talking about Android, it’s one of the most used mobile operating systems which is loved by millions of users worldwide. We can do almost everything without Android smartphone including making calls, sending text messages, surfing the web, playing games etc. Well, Playing video games on your Android smartphone is a great time pass activity for many youths.

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Cheat Engine Latest Version Download

Cheat Engine Apk Download APPCHEAT ENGINEFile Size2 MBAndroid VersionAndroid 4.2 and AboveDownloads100,000+Version6.5.2PurposeGame HackingRoot NeededYes


If we take a look at Android’s Google Play Store, we can find the countless number of games over there. We can find Strategy games, Actions Games, FPS games, Racing games and more. However, many free games come with irritating advertisement and limited features which are geared towards making you purchase their premium versions.

It’s also worth to note that not all apps and games available on Google Play Store are completely free. The developer of apps & games has implemented some restrictions that prevent users from using the game to its maximum potential.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to share an extraordinary app for Android that can help you to hack game resources. Well, there are many apps available for the Android operating system that claims to hack game resources. However, not all of those apps deliver what it says.

In this article, we are actually going to discuss everything about Cheat Engine Apk. Cheat Engine is one of the most popular apps available for Android smartphones and tablets that can help you to remove restrictions imposed by apps & games developers.

What is Cheat Engine Apk?

As we have already discussed how game developers impose some restrictions that prevent Android users from using the game to its maximum potential. So, in this case, Cheat Engine Apk becomes more than handy.

Cheat Engine Apk is basically a game hacking app that can help you to remove some special restrictions imposed by game developers. This is one of the best free open sources Android game hacking app created by the Dark Byte.

You can actually use Cheat Engine Apk to hack almost any games to get unlimited game resources like unlimited golds, coins, gems, tokens, life etc. The app is much similar to SB Game Hacker and Game Guardian and you can use it to hack your favorite games.

Features of Cheat Engine Apk

Well, without any doubt, Cheat Engine Apk is one of the best apps that every gamer would love to have on their Android smartphone. It’s worth to note that hacking games on the Android operating system is never an easy task, but, Cheak Engine Apk makes everything easier.

Hack Games

This is one of the most used apps by gamers. Cheat Engine can hack almost every popular Android games install on your Android smartphone in no-time.

Completely Free

Most of the game hacking apps available on the internet asks users to pay some money in order to use their service. However, Cheat Engine Apk is completely free.

Edit Game Values

As we all know, Cheat Engine apk can be used to hack game resources. So, you can always use this awesome app to edit the values of games that are already installed on your Device.

Fast Scan

This is another best feature that is implemented in Cheat Engine Android app. This feature allows users to scan for values that can be edited.

Process Application

Well, if your game is not listed in the Cheat Engine Apk, then you can use the process application which eventually shows all the apps running on the device.

Light Weight

Cheat Engine Apk requires very less space to install on your Android smartphone. Moreover, it doesn’t feel heavy on RAM and battery resources.

Multiple Scan Types

This is another best feature present in Cheat Engine Apk which allows users to scan multiple files to find exact values, bigger than, smaller than, between or unknown.

Requirements Of Cheat Engine Apk

Now that you are fully aware of Cheat Engine apk and its feature. It’s time to head to the installation section of the article. However, before we proceed let’s take a look at some of the requirements.

  • Rooted Android smartphone or tablet
  • Latest Version of Cheat Engine Apk
  • Any Supported Games that you want to hack

Download and Install Cheat Engine Apk On Android

Now that you are fully aware of Cheat Engine and its features. It’s time to head to the installation guide. So, if you have made your mind to download and enjoy this awesome app on your device and if your phone meets all the requirements then follow the short guide given below.

#1 First of all, download Cheat Engine Apk on your Android smartphone from the link given in the download section of the article. Make sure to remember the location where you have saved the file.

#2 Once downloaded, you need to enable the Unknown sources on your device. For that, you need to head to the Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and enable it.

#3 In the next step, you need to browse to the location where you have saved Cheat Engine Apk file and then open it and tap on ‘Install’

#4 Once installed, you need to press the home button which will minimize the app. Now run any app and then open Cheat Engine and search the game on the list. Search for your desired value under the process list.

#5 There you can set the value according to your needs. Now again open the game and you will find that the resources will be changed.

That’s it, you are done! This is what you need to do if you want to enjoy this awesome Game hacking app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, Cheat Engine Apk is one of the best apps which you can have on your Android smartphone or tablet. Well, hacking games on the Android operating system is not an easy task, but, Cheak Engine Apk makes everything easier.

Download GBWhatsApp For Android!

In this article, we have discussed everything about Cheat Engine Apk and its features. The article also includes one of the best methods to install this awesome app on Android. If you are facing problem while installing or using the app, then make sure to discuss with us in the comment box.

Download Clash of Clans for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop (Official)

We love Clash of Clans. But the game would be much better if Supercell releases a Clash of Clans for PC. If you are here reading this article, there is a good chance that you are also wishing what we have all been wishing this whole time. For the longest time since Clash of Clans was first released back in 2013 for Android, there should be a PC version by now.

Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy game that belongs to tower defense type of game. The game is loosely based on classic board game chess. The player takes the role of the chief of the village where he or she commands every task of its characters. The game starts with a builder and a handful of warriors that will help build and improve the village’s science and military capacity.

The main focus of the game is for every village to raid another village to accelerate the incomings of the resources. As a result, those resources help with the advancement and level of any characters and buildings inside the village.

Players can also join other clans to form an alliance. Eventually, those villages will be called upon to join the clan wars and deploy any troops that they could provide using strategy and impressive wits to defeat the enemy clan.

So it is such great news to learn that we can all now play the Clash of Clans for PC. And since there is no official COC release for the Windows platform, we will use Android emulators to run the game.

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Download Clash of Clans for PC

NameClash of Clans 11.185.13Size95.84 MBRequirementWindows 7/8/10AuthorSupercell

Download Clash of Clans

Important Reminder:

Downloading only the Clash of Clans app will not run on Windows PC. You need to read the full instruction on how to properly install APK files on any Windows machine.

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  • WeChat App for PC
  • Jio TV for PC Windows
  • Create Music with Garageband for PC
  • PicsArt for PC/Laptop

How to Download and Install Clash of Clans for PC

If you are wondering if an Android emulator like BlueStacks can decently play Clash of Clans then your answer is YES. BlueStacks is one of the best Android emulators. It can even be installed on Mac and in some ways, Linux-based operating systems as well.

  1. To kick things for starters, open a new tab on your web browser. Then search for the official Clash of Clans APK. Or you can just use our download button to get it straight and right away.
  2. Since we will be downloading huge files, it would be best if we use a download booster such as an Internet Download Manager app. It can provide up to five times download speed in a heartbeat.
  3. Now get a BlueStacks installer from the BlueStacks official website or get it from the download button we prepared for you.
  4. When you have downloaded everything, double-click on the BlueStacks installer to start the installation.
  5. Choose the Program Files folder for the emulator’s installation folder.
  6. As soon as the installation finishes, find the desktop icon shortcut of the BlueStacks app.
  7. Double-click on it to get your very first startup.
  8. There should be a short instruction manual to get you familiarized with the control.
  9. For the emulator to fully function, go to Settings. Then go to the Account and log in your Google account that you use to play Clash of Clans.
  10. Now go to the Clash of Clans APK file that you downloaded earlier and double-click on it to start installing to BlueStacks.
  11. A notification on the right bottom of the screen will appear as soon as the installation finishes.
  12. You now have Clash of Clans for PC.

Download BlueStacks Installer

In Conclusion

As a fellow Clash of Clans fan, I now welcome you to the Clash of Clans for PC league. We can now enjoy a bigger screenplay experience and lesser worry on the battery life. Well, unless you are using a laptop then you are still with the battery consciousness era. But your Clash of Clans screen is now bigger so that should count for something.

The Clash of Clans is an addictive game. And that is why cannot get enough of the game. Also, that is the reason why we want to play it on Windows PC.

For questions and suggestion, you may leave your queries in the comment section and we will answer them as soon as we read them. And please do not forget to share this with your other Clash of Clans buddies. So we can have more people playing on a bigger screen.

Download SnapTube APK 4.53.1 (Official Latest Version)

SnapTube APK is a video downloader app which lets you download videos from the popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, GB Instagram APK, etc. This app is available and can be downloaded on Android and Windows devices (check to download Snaptube for PC). You will have various download managers to download videos from the popular video streaming sites on your computer.

But it’s not the same case when it comes to your smartphone. I am an Android user myself, and so I can understand this situation very well. Plus, it takes more time to sort and download specific videos on the mobile.

SnapTube is the best option if you spend your time mostly on YouTube. Without further delay let’s find out more information about SnapTube APK. As the 7Downloads trademark, you can directly start downloading Snaptube latest version from the download button below. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

Note: Please share this Snaptube with your friends using the fastest file-sharing app in the world. Get SHAREit APK and Xender APK from our website.

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Download SnapTube APK

NameSnapTube 4.53.1Size12.1 MBRequirementAndroid 4.0.3AuthorSnapTube

Snaptube Official Download

About SnapTube App

SnapTube is user-friendly, clean, and easy-to-use YouTube video downloader for Android users. It supports YouTube and all other popular video streaming websites.

SnapTube app makes it very easy to download your favorite videos on YouTube. You can download as many videos as you want by using this app for free of charge. It doesn’t require any additional plugins. You will be able to download faster than any other apps with this app. SnapTube APK doesn’t occupy too much space which is superb for your Android smartphone or tablet.

I have mentioned it in the beginning that it is compatible with more than 15 video sharing websites. I am sure that it’ll be enough. What do you say? It has an option to convert your videos to Mp3 after downloading.

Now I will discuss with you how to download and install SnapTube APK on Android. But let’s take a look at the key feature of SnapTube first. Don’t stop, Keep reading!

Key Features of SnapTube App

  • No ads: There are no ads on SnapTube app. Yes. That’s correct. You won’t see any irritating ads while watching videos. Isn’t it cool?
  • Suitable Resolutions: It offers 144p to 1080p HD resolution to watch and download videos. SnapTube has an Mp3 option as well.
  • Download Free Videos: You can download unlimited videos on this app for free of charge. You won’t be paying anything to use this wonderful app. Few other apps like TubeMate for PC. provide the same features as Snaptube.
  • Low Disk Space: SnapTube doesn’t consume much space on your device. The download file comes in a compressed size to save even further space. But if you really have to save more space, try using Clean Master for PC and Android.
  • Easy to Search: No need to put the certain keyword to seek a particular video or song on SnapTube. Just type the Artist’s name, and you will see the search results immediately. SnapTube recommends you videos or songs based on your previous query (same as YouTube and video sharing websites)
  • Download Speed: You can download full HD (1080p) videos at high speed on SnapTube. That’s why it is one of the best apps for downloading videos among the users on Android.
  • One Touch Download Button: Many video downloaders need to copy-paste the link, select the video quality and the folder afterward to download a video. However, it’s not the same with SnapTube as you can download by clicking on a single to download any videos.
  • Built-in Mp3 Download from YouTube: You have liked the music of a video. Do you want to download it as Mp3? Yes. But how will you do it? Do you need another app to convert your video into Mp3? It’s not necessary because SnapTube has integrated Mp3 download option within the app already.

How to Download & Install SnapTube APK

You have read about SnapTube and all the features of this app already. Now, it’s time to download this app on your smartphone.

Step 1. You can’t get SnapTube from Google Play Store. You will require third-party websites to download this app on your phone. No need to look for anywhere else. Just click on the download button which I have given you at the beginning of the article.

Step 2. After downloading this app, open Settings and click on Security optionenable ‘Unknown sources‘ after ticking the checkbox to allow this app on your Android device.

Step 3. A pop-up will show on the screen, click on the ‘OK‘ to continue. Find SnapTube APK file and double tap on it, and you will get a prompt to allow the installation on your device.

Just wait for a while to finish the installation. You would notice an icon on the home screen if you did everything correctly so far. That’s it. Now You can download your favorite songs and other videos for free on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, etc. with this awesome app installed on your phone.


I have told you everything about the latest version of SnapTube APK including features, how to download and install it on your Android device. What’s your opinion about this free video downloader app? Let me know by dropping a comment below. you can also ask us questions if you face any issues on installing.