These Apple Watch Bands Bring a Customized Look to Your Favorite Gadget

It's the easiest way to personalize your style.

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The Apple Watch, in all its iterations, is the most popular smartwatch available today, so it's no surprise that there's a great deal of third-party bands to choose from for them. From utilitarian options to fashion-forward offerings, we've rounded up some of the coolest Apple Watch bands worth your attention.

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Apple Watch Sport Loop Band

Announced alongside the Apple Watch Series 3, the Sport Loop band features a breathable fabric with excellent durability. Lightweight and incredibly comfortable (it's so easy to adjust!), the Sport Loop is available in a multitude of eye-grabbing colors.

The Sport Loop band is available for both Apple Watch case sizes. If you're looking for a 38-millimeter variant, you can find it over here

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Apple Watch Nike+ Sport Band

Created in collaboration with Nike, this official Apple Watch band is handily one of the best options for active personalities. Made from perforated fluoroelastomer, the band is both comfortable to wear and extremely durable. 

There's a multitude of color combinations to choose from. The band is also available for the 38-millimeter Apple Watch.

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Apple Watch Leather Loop Band​

The leather loop is one of the most comfortable bands available for the Apple Watch. Handcrafted in Italy, it features a beautiful design and superb tactility. It's also incredibly easy to adjust.

The band is available only for the 42-millimeter Apple Watch. There are three colors to pick from, in dark gray and two shades of blue. 

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​Apple Watch Woven Nylon Band

Apple's own woven-nylon band for the Apple Watch is one of the most comfortable options you can find for the device. Available in a host of color combinations, the accessory is made from hundreds of threads of woven nylon that give it a fabric-like feel. It's available for both the 42-millimeter and the 38-millimeter Apple Watch.

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Apple Watch Classic Buckle Band

The Classic Buckle band pairs particularly nicely with the stainless steel Apple Watch, and it's available for both the 38-millimeter and the 42-millimeter variants. Available in a multitude of colors, the accessory is crafted from genuine leather with a contrasting interior lining.

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Pad & Quill
Pad & Quill Field Strap for Apple Watch

The Pad & Quill Field Strap for the Apple Watch has been crafted from a blend of Cordura fabric and genuine leather, so it's as tough as it is good-looking. The strap features beautiful detailing throughout, including a signature of the craftsman who made it.

You can order the Field Strap in black or gray, with silver or black lugs and a matching buckle. The accessory is only available for the 42-millimeter Apple Watch.

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Belkin Sport Apple Watch Band

The comfy and attractively priced Belkin Sport Apple Watch band is made from high-quality silicone with design ridges for improved air flow during your workouts. The washable band is available for both Apple Watch sizes.

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Hermès Leather Single Tour Band

The Hermès Single Tour leather band is a true fashion statement, handmade by artisans in France. Available for both Apple Watch sizes, the band has a beautiful stainless steel buckle with Hermès branding. 

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Pad & Quill
Pad & Quill​​ Mid Century Leather Cuff ​for Apple Watch

This Apple Watch band by Pad & Quill has an amazing vintage vibe for a good reason — it's been handcrafted from leather that's almost seven decades old. Of course, the material has been treated with fine leather oils, so it's both soft and exceptionally durable. 

The band is only available for 42-millimeter Apple Watch models, and each Mid Century Leather Cuff  carries the signature of the artisan to made it.