Shopping for wireless earbuds can seem like an overwhelming experience because of the sheer amount of options you can choose from today. Whether you're looking for an affordable option, a great workout companion, or a pair of earphones that'll help you tune out your surroundings, we have a great pick for your needs and budget.

Learn More About Our Top Five Picks:

1. RHA MA750 Wireless Earbuds — Check Price

Best Overall



Pros: This pair has a cool industrial design, great battery life, and the best warranty in the business, all at a good price

Con: A balanced sound signature means that bass isn't as punchy as some might like

Bottom Line: The best bluetooth earphones worth your attention for great battery life at a good price.

Machined from stainless steel, the RHA MA750 Wireless earbuds have a design and finish worthy of a much higher price tag. The IPX4 splashproof headset comes with an industry-leading three-year warranty, so it's clearly made to last.

What's even more impressive is the headset's sound quality, which puts many higher-priced competitors to shame. Thanks to a duo of high-quality audio drivers, the MA750 bluetooth earbuds deliver a balanced sound signature. They also support both aptX and AAC streaming codecs, allowing listeners to enjoy high-quality audio without wires.

Other key features of the MA750 wireless earphones include NFC for one-touch pairing with a compatible device, a comfy neckband, and up to 12 hours of battery life. Rather impressively, the headset also utilizes a USB-C port for charging.


2. Sony C400 Wireless Earphones — Check Price

Best Budget Buy



Pros: These have a colorful design, great battery life, and an affordable price tag

Con: Some might find the sound signature a tad too bass-heavy

Bottom Line: These are the best affordable wireless earbuds, and they can last up to 20 hours on a single charge.

Sony's C400 bluetooth earphones have characterful design and clever cable management. Available in black, white, or blue, the headset delivers solid build quality, defined by a pleasantly punchy bass delivery that makes it suitable for enjoying today's popular music genres.

The battery life of the Sony C400 earbuds is nothing short of spectacular. The bluetooth earphones can last up to 20 hours on a single charge, so you can rock out for days without recharging them.

As expected from a Sony headset, the C400 has NFC connectivity for one-touch pairing. Intuitively placed controls and a neckband that vibrates when someone is calling you round up the earbuds' key features.


3. Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Earbuds — Check Price

Best True Wireless Option



Pros: They offer a comfy fit, complete with the signature Bose sound and good battery life

Con: Not the most elegant truly wireless earphones out there

Bottom Line: The best completely wireless earbuds we've tested to date, complete with exceptional Bose sound.

The Bose SoundSport Free are the best true wireless earphones you need to know about. The audio giant's first wire-free in-ear headphones have a lightweight body with an IPX4 rating for water resistance, as well as a seamlessly comfortable fit that makes them a perfect companion for your workouts.

In terms of audio, the SoundSport Free earbuds offer a typical Bose experience, headlined by a mostly neutral sound signature with a pleasantly soft bass delivery. Users can connect the headset to a mobile app for audio tweaks and firmware updates.

The 5-hour battery life of the SoundSport Free earbuds is impressive for their form factor. The bundled battery case provides an additional 10 hours of charging independence, too.

Bose offers the headset in a trio of colors — black, midnight blue with citron accents, and bright orange.


4. BeatsX Wireless Earphones — Check Price

Best for Apple Hardware Users



Pros: Lightweight and incredibly comfortable, you can charge them with your iPhone cable, and they offer a fun sound experience

Con: The battery life could be better

Bottom Line: These are the comfiest bluetooth earphones out there.

The BeatsX Earphones deliver elegant design, good sound quality, seamless fit, up to eight hours of battery life, and a Lightning connector for charging. Plus, Apple's W1 chip ensures that the headset can pair seamlessly with your iOS and macOS hardware — all you have to do is power up the headset in proximity to the device and follow the on-screen prompt.

The sound quality of the BeatsX wireless earbuds is typical for the brand. If you have a knack for well-defined bass in your tunes, you'll love the BeatsX.

When not in use, the BeatsX Earphones easily fold into a tiny pouch, so they're easy to carry around, regardless of the occasion. There are six colors to pick from — black, white, blue, gray, matte gold, and matte silver. The last two colors are a perfect match for Apple's iPhone 8 lineup.


5. Sony WI1000X Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds — Check Price

Best Noise-Canceling Option



Pros: This pair has great sound quality, along with top-notch noise canceling

Con: The battery life could be better

Bottom Line: The best wireless noise-canceling earbuds out there that also offer top sound quality.

Sony's range-topping WI1000X bluetooth earphones are stylish and packed with cutting-edge tech. Available in black and gold, the headset has advanced noise-canceling tech, which automatically adjusts to the ambient noise around you. Users can tweak the headset's noise canceling and audio features via a mobile app.

The audio quality of the Sony WI1000X wireless earbuds is exceptional — regardless of your music preferences, you'll be pleased by the sonic experience that the WI1000X delivers. As expected from a high-end Sony audio product, the earphones support Hi-Res Audio, as well as a plethora of top-shelf codecs that'll appeal to audiophiles.

The earbuds can last up to 10 hours on a single battery charge. Aibrating neckband and NFC connectivity round up their most important features.


More of Our Top Picks:

Want more highly rated options? These offering are worthy of your consideration, too.

6. Forza Metallo Wireless Earbuds — Check Price

Best for Style-Conscious Users



Pros: They're stylish and comfy, and they offer good sound quality

Con: The charging cover is flimsy

Bottom Line: A great option for style-conscious personalities.

The Forza Metallo Wireless earphones by V-Moda are comfy and incredibly stylish. Users can also make the Forza Metallo earbuds their own via 3D-printed caps, which are available in a plethora of materials, including gold and platinum. There are two colors to pick from — gunmetal and white.

The earphones are capable of delivering excellent sound quality, courtesy of 5.8-millimeter audio drivers with Hi-Res Audio. Despite its lightweight build, the headset can deliver up to 10 hours of wireless tunes on a battery charge.


7. Jabra Elite Sport Truly Wireless Earbuds — Check Price

Best for Built-In Heart-Rate Tracking



Pros: These offer a comfortable fit with a low profile and a solid connection

Con: The audio could use a bit more bass

Bottom Line: You'll love the comfy fit and the great fitness tracking features.

The Jabra Elite Sport are exceptionally comfortable bluetooth earbuds with a built-in heart-rate sensor for precise activity tracking. The earphones also offer personalized fitness coaching via a mobile app.

The audio quality of the Jabra Elite Sport is good, but a bit lacking in bass. However, the quality of the wireless connection between the earbuds and the device they're connected to is excellent.

Other highlights of the headset include stellar noise isolation, an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance, and over four hours of battery life. The headset comes with a neat charging case that holds up to six more hours of battery life.


8. Jaybird X3 Wireless Earphones — Check Price

Best for Customizable Sound and Great Fit



Pro: This well-priced option delivers a customizable audio experience

Con: The charging experience isn't ideal

Bottom Line: A great option for workout warriors in its price range.

The Jaybird X3 bluetooth earphones feature an attractive design, excellent fit, and up to eight hours of battery life with fast charging capabilities. Of course, the headset is sweat-resistant, too, featuring tight seams and a hydrophobic nano coating.

The sound quality is stellar, and you can customize it extensively via a smartphone app. The latter offers a fantastic user experience that's one of the best around, too.

One thing we don't love about the Jaybird X3 wireless earbuds is their tiny charging adapter that's easy to misplace. In case you do, you won't be able to power up your headphones until you get a replacement.


9. Apple AirPods — Check Price

Best for Effortless iPhone, iPad, and Mac Connectivity



Pros: Great for seamless connectivity and good battery life

Con: The noise isolation isn't great

Bottom Line: They offer seamless iPhone pairing, good sound, and great battery life.

Apple's AirPods deliver the best iPhone, iPad, and MacBook pairing experience in the business — all you need to do is flip their case open and bring them close to your compatible device. The trick comes courtesy of the tech giant's W1 chip, which also helps the AirPods deliver better battery life (up to five hours on a charge) than most other wire-free earphones.

The AirPods deliver good sound quality, and they're designed to appeal to a broad range of audio tastes. However, their ambient noise isolation could be better.


10. LG Tone Studio HBS-W120 Wireless Earbuds — Check Price

Best for Built-In Loudspeakers and a Haptic Engine



Pro: There are innovative hardware features, plus good sound quality and excellent battery life

Con: They're bulky

Bottom Line: The built-in loudspeakers are surprisingly cool and versatile.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a pair of bluetooth earphones that's more high-tech than the LG Tone Studio HBS-W120. In addition to a pair of excellent in-ear headphones, the HBS-W120 audio setup also includes a quartet of loudspeakers tuned by the wizards from DTS, as well as a haptic bass engine. The latter allows you to literally feel the content you're playing on the headset.

Because they pack so much audio hardware, the HBS-W120 bluetooth earbuds have a bulky neckband that might not appeal to everyone's taste. However, the excellent battery life (up to 35 hours in earphone mode) might make rocking a larger neckband worth it.


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