These Baby Christmas Outfits Are Holiday Card Gold

Your little one can be the cutest baby on Santa's lap this year! 👶🎄


Dress your baby to impress this holiday season! From funny to fancy, we've rounded up the most photo-ready baby Christmas outfits. We know posing for a holiday card is hard, so make it easy and let your baby steal the show in these picks!

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FIZUOXVE Three-Quarter Sleeve Christmas Party Dress

This adorable Christmas dress will look so sweet in family photos. The snowy scene, printed with woodland animals, is a unique pick, and we guarantee your loved ones have never seen a baby Christmas dress quite like it. 

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Urkuteba Deer and Tree Print Hoodie Set



There are few things more adorable than when your little snuggle buddy wears a hoodie. Get ready for some serious cuddle sessions on Christmas with this super affordable hoodie set. The best part is that you can mix and match the pieces with other items from your baby's wardrobe.

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Popatu Rosette Tulle Dress

This sweet baby dress features red ruffles, making it the perfect pick for a festive fashionista. Pair it with white tights and cute little red shoes, and your little one will be cuter than the Christmas tree! 

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Newborn Baby Christmas Reindeer Knitted Sweater Outfit



You'll just want to snuggle with your baby when he's wearing this soft, cozy Christmas sweater onesie. Bring your little one to Grandma's house wearing this, and his cheeks will be so red (from all of the loving pinches) by the time you head back home. Aww!

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Christmas Bodysuit With Red Ankle Socks and Headband



Chubby little baby legs look so darn cute in these ankle socks. Feel proud showing off your baby at a gathering. She'll look festive, but not too over-the-top. Be prepared for swooning friends!

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Effiny Toddler Baby Christmas Dress

Any little tot would love to dance and twirl around the Christmas tree in this outfit! This dress comes with a comfy headband, so it's easy to make her look dressed from head to tutu in a pinch.

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Merry Christmas Outfit With Santa Bottoms



This adorable baby Christmas outfit set includes bottoms that we just can't get over. The traditional Santa face will crack up all of your family and friends on Christmas when your little one turns around.

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YiZYiF Baby Christmas Santa Claus Outfit Set

Ho ho ho, it's the sweetest Santa! Your little one will love being wrapped in this cozy outfit that also comes with a matching (and warm) Santa hat. 

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Newborn Baby Christmas Playsuit



Dress your little stud in this sharp Christmas outfit that'll have all of the guests at your holiday party ooing and aahing. Oh, and the teens who are there will totally have your baby all over their Snapchats, too.

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My First Christmas Romper



Not only is the price too good to pass up, but the bold font and ribbon tree design on this graphic onesie make this selection a solid choice. Santa would be proud. Plus, how cute is that bright red bow?!

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Big Llama



If you don't mind a good ol' Christmas chuckle at your baby's expense, go for this hilarious — yet totally cool — llama sweater-style onesie. Just be prepared for all of the guests to ask your baby, "Is your mama a llama?" You've been warned!

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Funny Santa Baby Bodysuit



If you dress your little sweetie pie up as a mini Kris Kringle this year, you can bet your stocking stuffers that you made the Nice List — and you can also bet that you have the cutest baby in town, too. Score!

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Zoerea Reindeer Sweater Romper



This sweater onesie will keep your baby nice and warm. The best part? It's a perfect outfit for all of those ugly-sweater parties you were invited to. Now you really don't have an excuse not to go! 😉

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Cotton Gentleman Romper Vest with Bowtie Outfit Set



Your little man will look so, so handsome in this fancy getup. The candy cane-style bowtie is a friendly addition to a classic look. Way to let your baby set the style bar high!

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Iuhan Christmas Deer Romper With Pants and Hat



Woodland meets modern tribal in this gender-neutral baby outfit pick that screams "Christmas!" Dress up your little boy or girl in an outfit that some adults would envy.

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Baby Gear Baby Penguin Bodysuit



This adorable penguin onesie will have your little one sleeping in heavenly peace. Unlike other Christmas baby outfits with bows, different fabrics, pockets, and buttons, this cotton onesie is simple in design, so your baby will still be comfortable if she nods off wearing it.

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