9 Men’s Designer Sunglasses to Elevate Your Style This Season

Look like you live the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

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While winter brings the harsh cold, it also gives more opportunity to dress up your outfit to look snazzy and stylish with luxe leather jackets and fashionable overcoats, but what’s a guy to do when that summer heat causes you to strip down to a T-shirt and shorts? A great pair of designer sunglasses is key to putting on the ritz with your casual warm-weather wardrobe. Instantly master the high/low look by spending your hard-earned cash on a unique pair of luxury frames that’ll take your affordable T-shirt and basic jeans to stylish new heights. It’s hard to make the move to throw down serious cash for sunnies, but once you check out these stellar men's designer sunglasses, you’ll have the urge to splurge.

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Michael Kors Men's Lon Rounded Aviator Sunglasses
Michael Kors
Michael Kors Men's Lon Rounded Aviator Sunglasses



Who doesn’t want to look at life through rose-colored lenses? Think pink with classic Aviator-style frames that have a fancy touch of rose gold that’s so on-trend this season.

If pink isn’t your thing, you’ll be feeling blue (in a good way!), because when you purchase the blue lens version of these Lon sunglasses, you'll help to feed hungry children with 100 meals through the World Food Programme. You'll look good and feel good, too!

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Dior HarDior Mirror Mask Sunglasses for Men
Dior HarDior Mirror Mask Sunglasses for Men



These new wave inspired sunglasses might have been from the winter Dior Homme runway show, but the lust-worthy designer sunnies are still hot for spring and summer. These bold orange shield lenses are meant for the fashion-forward man to wear with major confidence. The über-trendy glasses are a big splurge best left to guys with deep pockets.