The Best Hair Dye for Men and Hair Care Products for a Fresh Look

Give your look a major refresh from the comfort of your couch.

best hair dye for men

Whether you’re looking to change up your look or take a few years off your appearance, there’s a solution that you can actually do at home — we’re talking about changing up your hair color! Yes, you can actually do this sans pants (the dream come true!). Now, there’s tons of potential for this to go very wrong if you don’t take the right measures, but to help you remove those pesky grays or switch your color up a bit, we have a few tips and tricks for you to give yourself a look that’s to dye for.

1. Cover All Bases

Hair dye can get messy! Protect yourself by going down to your skivvies or throwing on a ratty T-shirt you don’t care about, and wear latex gloves to protect your fingers from turning the color you’re using. Seriously, you don’t want to walk around with brown-stained fingers! Now, protect your precious bathroom space by putting down a plastic covering or even a trash bag over any area where you’re using the dye. Just like your fingers, you don’t want hair-dye stains to deal with after you're done with this process (it could even stress a guy out enough to grow more gray hair!).

2. Protect Yourself

Apply a seriously thick lotion, Vaseline, or even chapstick to your hairline to protect your skin. You want to make sure not to get this barrier on your hair or you’ll have a botched hair-dye job, but those dye stains on your skin can be seriously annoying to fix, so a little protective layer helps. In a worst-case scenario, a little rubbing alcohol will help with those dye spots and bleeding. Also, letting your hair build up some natural oils on your scalp can help protect against the dye, so avoid washing your hair a couple days before you dye it.

3. Pick the Right Color

What you see on the box is not always what you’ll get! Just like when you bring a picture of Brad Pitt’s latest haircut to a salon, your hair is different and doesn't mean you'll come out looking like his doppelgänger. Typically, you should stick to a lighter version of the color you want. You can always go darker should the color not be right, but once it’s darker than you wanted, you’re pretty screwed.

4. Know What You're In For

Going for an adventurous look means you’re taking risks! Major hair color changes should truly be left to the professionals, but those not looking to be bold might want to stay within a shade or two of their actual hair color.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Be prepared to try again to get your perfect hair color. It’s really not ideal to color your hair yourself (especially if you’ve never done it before). There’s a chance you might need to go back and re-dye your hair, or if it’s really not going well, get a professional to step in. Basically, we’d leave some days in-between before any big social appearances or date nights. Better to be safe than sorry!

Now you’re ready for some at-home hair-coloring. Along with picking a stellar hair dye (and following directions exactly!), the right shampoo and conditioners are key to keep your hair looking oh so fly. Check out these necessary hair products and hair dyes for men to have you looking your best.


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