Why Beard Combs Are So Necessary to Getting the Rugged Look Right

Tame the mane!

beard combs

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Clean-shaven devotees might think growing out a man's facial hair as the lazy boy’s way to avoid grooming, but that couldn’t be more false! It gives a whole new meaning to growing pains when your facial hair starts to get unruly and unattractive, but you still want the masculine Paul Bunyan-style look. Letting your scruff grow requires some TLC to look dapper, yet rugged — we’re talking beard wash, beard oil, and, most importantly, a great beard comb.

No matter your beard length, the right beard comb will help to avoid a Cast Away/ The Revenant/Into The Wild kind of look (you get the point), while allowing you to let that facial hair go long. Beyond just preventing tangled beard hair, combing your beard aligns the hair to give it a fuller, less patchy appearance. The trick to applying beard oil to moisturize your facial hair and the skin underneath? Beard comb to the rescue! The comb helps to evenly apply oils and conditioners through all your hairs right down to the skin.

Confused on where to start? Here's a quick tutorial: When combing your beard, start at the bottom of your neck and comb the hair upward first (it should look super fluffy!), then downward for perfect placement.

So, how do you know which beard comb to get? You’re going to want to look for ones made of wood, metal, or cellulose acetate. It’s important to avoid cheap plastic combs, as they're usually poorly made with rougher edges, which will damage or even pull at your facial hair (yikes!). Thankfully, we have you covered with the right beard combs to keep your beard in check.

1 Baxter of California Beard Comb
Baxter of California

If you’re wondering what makes this slightly pricey beard comb better than a cheaper option, it’s the cellulose acetate plastic (and it’s fantastic!). Cellulose acetate is a high-quality natural plastic that prevents hair static — and with rounded tips, it won’t pull on your scruff while combing through. Plus, it’s easy to clean! This is a great example of “you get what you pay for” when it comes to beard combs.

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2 Kent Men’s Handmade Beard Combs

$22.80 BUY NOW

Kent has been in the business of making hair look great since 1777, so you know you can trust this stellar set of combs. With the smallest comb specifically for your mustache and beard, along with two additional combs for any hair, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck. The beard comb is designed perfectly to line up your facial hair, without scraping your skin or yanking out hair follicles. With these high-quality Kent combs, you know you won’t damage your hair game (beard or elsewhere!).

3 Izola Brass Beard Comb

Besides the luxe look of this brass metal comb, a metal beard comb is great for getting your facial hair on point with a hefty weight to move through even the most unruly hairs. The super durable comb will last for years to come, making it totally worth the price for its cost per comb.

4 Beardilizer Beard Comb

Believe it or not, a beard comb made of buffalo horn can be the best for smoothing out your wild beard. It has a natural protein (Keratin) that improves the quality of facial hair, keeps away hair static, and can even prevent hair loss. With super-smooth teeth, this comb is able to do the job right, and when combined with the right beard oil, you’ll be shocked by how awesome that face full of hair looks.

5 Grow A Beard Beard Comb and Brush Set
Grow A Beard

If you're the kind of guy who likes to switch up his scruff, or who hasn't even begun to go long but wants to be totally prepared, this awesome set is for you! The pocket-sized beard comb fits easily in your jeans or man-bag to carry anywhere! 

With two comb options on this double-sided bad boy (depending on how coarse your beard is), this durable bamboo comb will be your go-to for years! Plus, it comes with a boar bristle beard brush to keep your longer beard smooth and shiny. There's no competition — you'll get a lot for this great value!