9 Business Card Holders and Cases to Take Care of Business Like a Boss

The best way to play your cards right!

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There’s no greater feeling than working your way up the corporate ladder to earn your very own business cards. Whether you’re already well-established in your field of work, or want to fake it till you make it to the top, a dapper card holder represents you as much as your business card does. Presentation is key! From luxury business card holders that show you’re a major power player, to affordable options that show you have style, check out our top picks you’ll need to succeed.

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Want Les Essentiels
Want Les Essentiels’ Kennedy Business Card Holder With Money Clip



This oh-so-stylish business card holder doubles as a money clip! This pebble-grain and smooth leather card case has the slots you need, plus a clip for your wad of money. Bulk begone!

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