23 Cheap Gift Ideas for People Who Have Too Many Friends

These gifts are the best of both worlds: thoughtful and affordable.

cheap gifts for friends

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A huge friend group is never a bad thing ... until gifting occasions roll around. Rethink your spending this year and consider one of these 23 cheap gift ideas. Your wallet will seriously thank you, and so will the recipients.

1 Knock Knock WTF Nifty Notes

With a five-star rating and over 700 rave reviews, this sticky-note set is a no-fail gift for the lovable curmudgeon in your life. They can check off as many offenses as they wish, and slap them on car windshields, computer screens, and office refrigerators to eloquently express to others how they really feel.

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2 Bob Ross Happy Little Tree Mints

Here's a cheap gift idea that's just as delightful on the inside as it is on the outside. This tiny tin is emblazoned with the face of the iconic TV painter Bob Ross, and contains happy little tree-shaped mints inside.

3 Round Soap Dish

Whether for holding their soap, keys, coins, rings, or steeped tea bags, this petite ceramic dish does it all in the loveliest way.

4 Project 62 Enameled Candle Holder

Enjoying candlelit ambiance at home doesn't have to be aspirational! Gifting this pillar-shaped tea-light holder elevates any romantic dinner spread for just a couple of bucks.

5 CB2 Bitty Natural Clay Cup

This teeny-tiny, 2.5-inch high espresso cup comes in both a beige and a light gray colorway, and at $2.50 each, you can buy the set of two for just a fiver!

6 Urban Outfitters Adulting Ribbon

Because you're the kind of person who supports your friends in all of their wide-ranging achievements, gift them these "adulting" ribbons, to show them how proud you are. These silly accolades can also be used as bookmarks.

7 Coromose Tomato Cooking Timer

Ensure they never scorch another saucepan again with this handy tomato-shaped timer! This cheap gift idea sits pretty beside their stove, serving as eye-catching decor, even when not ticking down the minutes.

8 Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Straws

This is a perfect cheap gift idea for the friend who's trying to make greener choices. These four stainless steel straws have a slight bend in the neck for easier sipping, and even come with a small cleaning brush.

9 Kikkerland Ladybug Contact Lens Case

Their bathroom countertop just got a lot more cute! This Kikkerland contact-lens holder is a cheap gift that'll be endlessly useful to the friend who's always in need of a spare case.

10 Madewell Reusable Canvas Tote

Madewell's durable canvas totes are low-key the best cheap gift you can give. Their size is perfect, the designs are cute, and if they get a little dirty, they can get thrown right in the wash! This yin-yang print is perfect for the friend who could use a little more balance in their life.

11 Urban Outfitters Squish-Amal

Let your friend know now — squishies are the new stress balls. Available in the three cute critter shapes pictured, the packaging makes them a mystery to you and the recipient, but luckily they're all equally cute!

12 Coffee Zombie Embroidered Patch

For your devoted "death before decaf" friend, this iron-on patch is a cheap gift idea that'll go everywhere with them (just like their Triple, Venti, Soy, No-Foam Vanilla Latte).

13 World Market Lotus Capiz Tealight Candleholder

These capiz-shell lotus votives (sold individually) light up the surrounding space with their soothing botanical silhouettes, with or without a tea light flickering inside each one.

14 LaCroix Sticker Trio (Small Size)

This trio of die-cut vinyl stickers displays your friend's LaCroix flavor fandom loud and proud. Available in three sizes, these 4-inch-by-2-inch picks are perfect for sticking all over their laptop or phone case.

15 Unicorns i-Clips Magnetic Page Markers (Set of 8)

Perfect for bookworms and unicorn lovers alike, these magnetic bookmarks are sure to be put immediately to good use. The thin metal clips cleanly to any page, without leaving marks or dimples in the paper.

16 Sephora Collection Foot Mask

Step up their spa night with this cheap-but-chic gift idea. Sephora's fan-favorite foot masks are touted for their nice scent and fresh feel, and they aren't super messy to deal with. Some female users with feet larger than a size 11 noted that the masks were on the smaller size, so keep that in mind regarding your recipient!

17 Kitten Matches

A gift from luxe jewelry shop Catbird that's under $5? We can hardly believe it! This set of long matches come in an adorable keepsake box that looks utterly posh placed among your collection of candles on the coffee table.

18 Bloss Lotus Cotton Swab Holder
$7.49 (42% off)

We love countertop organizers that also happen to be adorable. This petite lotus-shaped container sits prettily on their bathroom sink or counter, holding up to 30 cotton swabs at a time.

19 Kikkerland Emergency Rain Poncho

Never let your cyclist pal get caught in the rain again! This plastic pullover poncho offers some cheap insurance for getting through their daily commute.

20 Writersblok Matchbook Sticky Notes (Set of Four)

The sticky-note obsessive can never have too many writing pads around. We love this mini, matchbook-sized set from Writersblok that's perfect for stashing in a desk, bag, or even a coat pocket.

21 Xcellent Global Leaf Tea Infusers (Set of Two)

This set of loose-leaf tea infusers is perfect for the frequent steeper in your life. They can stash one of these silicone sprigs at their work desk and the other in their tea cupboard at home.

22 HENGSONG Mermaid Makeup Brush

Their makeup stash has never looked so magical. The pastel-hued synthetic bristles of this mermaid-tail brush are the ideal density for applying foundation or concealer.

23 It's Skin Mini Bebe Hand Cream

Give the gift of moisturized mitts. This petite hand lotion is "vanilla-cotton"-scented, smelling soft and powdery.

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