The 52 Most Genius Products We’ve Found on the Internet

How did people think to come up with these? We've scoured the internet, found the most genius to the most ridiculous products ever made, and even took videos of ourselves using them. Want to see more? Follow I WANT THAT on Facebook.!

I Want That genius products I Want That genius products

You either want these products, need these products — or if you're ahead of the game, already HAVE these products. Some of them make your life easier, while some of them are just plain fun.

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Angry Lane
The Rider Daypack

What it is: The first anti-theft backpack and your new best friend for traveling or just day-to-day life. 

How to use it: Put all your belongings in it and rest easily knowing they will stay there until you take them out! 

How we used it: By walking around in peace. 

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Schiller Water Bike

What is it? Basically, a bike on water.

How to use it? It's just like riding a bike... except you're in your bathing suit.

How we used it? By having some summer fun. 

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Samsung 49" Gaming Monitor



What it is: Probably the largest monitor you've ever seen.

How to use it: Set it up and never have to rearrange for screen space again!

How we use it: Getting a whole new experience playing our favorite games.

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Instagram @boostedboards
Boosted Boards

Starting at $749


What it is: An electrical skateboard you can think of as a cross between a traditional skateboard and a hoverboard.

How to use it: Strap on your helmet, grab the remote control, and get going!

How we use it: Hop on and go up to seven miles at a top speed of 18 mph!

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Racing the NYC Subway With the Boosted Board Mini S
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Electro Free Flight Plane


What it is: The quickest machine you'll ever see that will have you walking to flying in seconds.

How to use it: Get prepared for the ride of your life, hop in, run and then fly!

How we use it: By facing our fear of heights and taking off.

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Solo Flying Airplane
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Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker



What it is: The ultimate way to upgrade your bowl of ice cream, morning breakfast, and fruit bowl.

How to use it: Use your favorite batter to make the four-inch bowls.

How we use it: Fill it with fried chicken for a new take on chicken and waffles!

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Instagram @ultraskiff
Ultraskiff 360-Degree Boat

From $1,499


What it is: A solo fishing boat with a quiet electric motor.

How to use it: Sit, fish, and enjoy the 360-degree view!

How we use it: When we just feel like relaxing on any lake, river, or body of water there is nearby.

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Instagram @dripkitcoffee
Dripkit Pour Over Coffee



What it is: An easy way to make 1 cup of pour-over coffee at home or work in 2 minutes.

How to use it: Open the packet and add hot water!

How we use it: Brewing as many as possible, because life is hard and coffee makes it better.

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Boxing Reflex Ball

What it is: The ultimate test of your reflexes, in a fun, self-boxing toy! 

How to use it: Put the headband on with the string-attached ball and start practicing your swing! 

How we used it: By testing our coworkers' reflexes. 

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Bunch O Balloons

What is it: The easiest way to inflate multiple water balloons for summer fun! 

How to use it: Grab some balloons and a bucket o' water and get to work! 

How we used it: By making the most of warm weather. 

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Onewheel XR

What is it: The Onewheel is a motorized board that you've never seen before — with the ability to go 18 miles per hour and off-road.

How to use it: Find your inner balance and hop on!

How we used it: By exploring New York City in a whole new way. 

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GoFish Cam
GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera



What it is: A camera that makes fishing a whole lot easier (and more fun)!

How to use it: Download the mobile app and use the GoFish Cam to record and track your whole fishing experience.

How we used it: By seeing our catch before we caught it!

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The Barisieur
The Barisieur


What it is: An alarm clock that wakes you up with a delicious cup of coffee.

How to use it: Set it up before going to bed and then wake up to the smell of the best thing in the world: caffeine!

How we used it: By making our mornings 1000% better.

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Elite Innovations
All Glass Pool Table


What is it: A customizable glass pool table that is almost too cool to use.

How to use it: Let Elite Innovations know the kind of table you want (along with what awesome finishing touches you want on it) and then play!

How we used it: By increasing our game-night style by 100%.

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Gost Barefoot
Gost Barefoot Chainlink Shoes

What is it: These are sneakers made of chainlink. 

How to use it: Find your size and never worry about stepping in something rough again! Don't worry about their look, though —they're actually extremely comfortable. 

How we used itBy putting them on and never taking them off. 

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Lotus Trolley Bag
Lotus Trolley Bags 2.0

What it is: The answers to all your grocery-shopping problems! A bag that folds out and organizes itself into your cart so you can divide everything up before getting to checkout. 

How to use it: Bring it with you next time you're shopping and put it in your shopping cart!

How we used itBy grabbing everything we need for the week with ease.

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Fat Shark Fpv Drone Training Kit Racing

What is it: This is Drone Racing 101. If you've ever been curious about learning how to race drones, or just fly a drone in general, this is the best kit to give you a crash course — well, hopefully you don't crash too much! 

How to use it: Practice, practice and practice! Set up your drone and start flying around a safe space with no fragile objects or people nearby. 

How we used it: By tasking our producer to learn how to fly a drone and enter a race in less than 48 hours.

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Learning to Race FPV Drones in 48 Hours | Fat Shark 101

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Safety Nailer
Safety Nailer

What it is: The safest way to hammer and nail.

How to use it: Just grab onto it before nailing something in and feel pain-free!

How we used it: By keeping our fingers safe. 

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Stop Hitting Your Fingers While Hammering - Safety Nailer

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Bacon Toaster

What is it: Your new breakfast BFF — a toaster specifically for your bacon.

How to use it: Grab your favorite kind of bacon and make it toasty!

How we used itBy creating bacon tacos. You heard us. 

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What is it: The quickest way to get from point A to point B. 

How to use it: Just hop on!

How we used it: By having the ride of our lives. 

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Gibbs Amphibian


What it is: A personal watercraft like you've never seen before.

How to use it: Get into your favorite body of water and speed away!

How we used it: By going from land to sea!

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This Bike Takes You Off the Road and Onto the Water!

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Yaylabs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball

What it is: This is your new favorite workout — because all the dancing around with this ball results in wonderful, delicious ice cream being made. 

How to use it: It's simple — add the necessary mixtures into the ball and get shaking! 

How we used it: We shook what our mama gave us to make ice cream!

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You Shake This Ball to Make Delicious Ice Cream

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The Bierstick Beer Bong Syringe

What is it: Basically a funnel that can shoot two beers in seconds. 

How to use it: Crack open your favorite beers, pour them in, and drink! 

How we used it: By having the best party ever.

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What is it: The best way to keep food fresh. 

How to use it: Just slap it on some of your leftovers!

How we used itBy stretching dinner out another day.

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