The 27 Most Genius Products We’ve Found on the Internet

How did people think to come up with these?

I Want That genius products I Want That genius products

You either want these products, need these products — or if you're ahead of the game, already HAVE these products. Some of them make your life easier, while some of them are just plain fun.

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What is it: A submarine/jet-ski hybrid that's shaped like a dolphin and allows you to go underwater.

How to use it: Hop in and start living your Little Mermaid dreams!

How we used it: By going on the ride of our lives.

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Coyote Vest
Coyote Vest

$100 BUY NOW

What is it: A vest designed for your pups to run around with no fear of wild animals!

How to use it: Attach the prickly top part to the main dog vest and then let your pup run!

How we used it: By taking a bunch of puppies out for a fun adventure!

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Camp Chef Sushezi Roller Camp Chef Sushezi Roller
Camp Chef
Camp Chef Sushezi Roller

$10.99 BUY NOW

What it is: The easiest way to make sushi ever. Basically, an instant way to make multiple rolls of sushi at once!

How to use it: Load in the rice and whatever fillings you want into the machine and then push it out!

How we used it: By creating bacon cheeseburger sushi. You read that right.

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Gibbs Amphibian


What it is: A jet ski like you've never seen before.

How to use it: Get into your favorite body of water and speed away!

How we used it: By going form land to sea!

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Fletcher Table


What it is: A table designed to be both gorgeous and practical.

How to use it: Place your order and wait for a beautiful, customizable table to show up at your door!

How we used it: Having a dinner party with our friends!

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E-Zee Golf Club


What it is: It's a golf club that takes the hard part of golf out of the equation for you!

How to use it: Line up your club with the ball and press the buttom — boom! Hole in one.

How we used it: By becoming 100% better at golf.

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