13 Front Door Mats for an Elevated Entryway Update

Brush off the outdoors.

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A good front door mat brushes off all traces of outdoor weather, keeping your entryway from becoming one big muddy mess. We found 13 picks that stand up to the elements and still serve as chic outdoor decor.

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Threshold Home Sweet Home Doormat

$10.99 BUY NOW

This coir-fiber, country-chic mat looks sweet, but has a heavy-duty quality, perfect for keeping the entryway clean in the muddier months.

Thirsty Dots Green 34-by-22 Doormat
Crate & Barrel

$39.95 BUY NOW

The name couldn't be more apropos. Ideal for apartment dwellers, this mat's raised dots help scrape off dirt from the outdoors, while the rubber backing and moisture-wicking plastic-fiber material prevents it from deteriorating and getting mildewy.

'Sup' Doormat
Reed Wilson Design


For those fond of a colloquial greeting, this simple, yet durable coco-fiber mat is just right for any weather.

Double Initial Monogram Doormat

$59.96 BUY NOW

A sweet monogrammed mat to adorn your shared entry, this artfully hand-spun option brushes debris from your shoes, while staying moisture- and mildew-resistant for a fresh look year-round.

Loop Recycled Rubber Doormat

$28.19 BUY NOW

The playful loops on this rubber front door mat read as pebbly shapes when displayed atop your front steps. Dirt can be easily scraped off of shoes, while the mat itself just needs a hose-down to restore it to its original cleanliness.

Pineapple Half-Round Mat

$59.50 BUY NOW

The pineapple is a centuries-old symbol of friendliness and hospitality. This polypropylene half-moon mat utilizes this motif in a subtle embossed design that is both stylish and functional.

Mohawk Chevron Door Mat
Bed Bath & Beyond

$24.99 BUY NOW

Brush your shoes off on this lively chevron mat, complete with coarse coco-fiber bristles that keep you from tracking in dirt, and an earth-toned palette that coordinates unobtrusively with your other outdoor decor.

Manhattan Soho Recycled Rubber Door Mat
Apache Mills

$8.88 BUY NOW

For a low-profile option that holds up to dirt-whisking on sunny, rainy, and snowy days, this budget-friendly pick (made of polyester fibers and backed with recycled rubber) will keep your entryway tidy year after year.

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