Show Your Besties You Really Know Them With These 35 Creative Gifts for Friends

These will totally make their day!

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You know your BFF better than anyone, but sometimes giving gifts is hard — especially when you feel like you've exhausted your own creative ideas. Take a peek at our top gift ideas for friends for some inspiration!

1 Go All Out Peach Emoji Embroidered Dad Hat
Go All Out



For the Meme Queen

This peachy-keen dad hat is a great friend gift for anyone fluent in emoji. Available in a spectrum of 15 colors, we think the millennial-pink shade suits it best.

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2 Otherland Chandelier Candle



For the Friend Who Loves to Host

Otherland's celebratory Chandelier candle is a soy-and-coconut wax blend, and it has a 55-hour burn time — definitely enough to last for a few parties! Its initial effervescence is tempered by musky leather and saffron notes.

3 With Love From Julie Personalized Passport Holder
With Love From Julie



For the Jetsetter

Help keep her carry-on organized with this stylish and handy faux-leather travel wallet. Not only does it have a slot for her passport, but it also has compartments to fit her credit cards and boarding passes! The piece can also be personalized with her name to truly make it her own.

4 Chalier Women's Art Print Cotton Crew Socks (Set of Five)



For the Fine-Art Fanatic

Your go-to museum date deserves a friend gift that's just as artsy as she is. This set of five socks showcase timeless works with a tongue-in-cheek twist.

5 Vitruvi Pacific Blend Essential Oil



For the Stress Case

Now, we're not saying that this will take away all of her troubles, but a little aromatherapy can be just what your frazzled friend needs to help her relax in her off-hours. This essential oil blend from Vitruvi is a gorgeously scented combination of bergamot, eucalyptus, lavender, and basil oils, and it's at once both uplifting and thoroughly calming.

6 Extra Avocado T-Shirt



For the Foodie

We all know someone who’s practically chained to Chipotle, but whether their go-to meal is a bowl or a burrito, this guac-themed gift will sit well with any avo-obsessive. If you’re also feeling extra, throw a gift card their way so they can get their Chipotle fix on the cheap, too.

7 Rosé Bottle Pool Float
Urban Outfitters



For the Friend With a Pool

Secure your invite to all of her summer patio parties by gifting this rosé-bottle pool float. At over 7 feet long, it's long enough to fully recline on, and it even comes with a cup holder to keep her favorite beverage conveniently within reach.

8 FabFitFun E-Gift Subscription

from $25.00


For the Unboxing-Obsessed

The temptation to start shopping for yourself when you're supposed to be gifting is real, so let the product curators at FabFitFun make all of the tough choices for you! Four times a year, they hand-pick the best-of-the-best items in beauty, home, and wellness, and they ship it off in a gorgeous package that's a total treat to unwrap. Gift credits start at just $25, and they can be sent to your friend to apply to their first quarterly box.

If she's a first-time subscriber to this subscription service, she can choose between the standard seasonal Editor's Box, or the limited-time Pinterest box! This includes exclusive selections inspired by the Pinterest 100 top trends of the year.

9 Yes Stitch Yes Floral Wreath Embroidery Hoop Art
Yes Stitch Yes



For the Newly Single Friend

In addition to a no-holds-barred karaoke night, boost your bestie's spirits with this lyrical piece from embroidery artist Yes Stitch Yes. Flower crowns and Drake lyrics do a broken heart good.

10 Yoga Zeal Non-Slip Yoga Mat
​Yoga Zeal



For the Yogi

Is yoga class her happy place? This mat will definitely keep her on her toes (literally) with its suede-soft nonstick surface. It might seem pricey, but trust us — this one's worth it. It has just enough padding to support the knees, and it never slips or slides around.

11 Ovalware Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker



For the Friend Who Spends Their Whole Paycheck on Iced Coffee

The price of cold-brew everywhere seems to be steadily climbing, meaning that your friend's daily caffeine habit is probably costing them a fortune. Splurge on their behalf for this brilliant steeper carafe. Users love its sleek design and that it makes one mean cup of iced joe (or tea!).

12 Everlast Pro Style 8 oz. Training Gloves



For the Badass Boxer

Punching bags ain't got nothin' on your BFF, so what better way to support her hobby than with a pair of Everlast gloves? Choose from black, red, blue, or a neon green-and-blue combo that's almost as colorful as she is.

13 Apollo Peak MosCATo Cat Wine
Apollo Peak



For the Friend Who's Probably Too Obsessed With Her Cat

We all have that one friend who'll cancel on your night out like, "Sorry, I forgot I made plans with my cat to watch Planet Earth, but you can come over if you want!" Give her this bottle of cat wine so she and her ~other~ best friend can enjoy a relaxing night at home together with their own bottles of "happy juice." (BTW, this doesn't actually have alcohol in it!)

14 Shine 24 Karat Gold Rolling Papers



For the Highbrow Stoner

Go beyond the green with a set of two 24-karat gold rolling papers for your favorite fancy stoner. Blended with hemp, these papers offer a smooth burn and non-metallictaste. Whether you also gift your BFF some ganja along with the papers is totally up to you, but we're sure they'd be happy to accept.

15 Teamoy Jewelry Travel Case



For the World Traveler

If your girl takes a lot of trips (be they weekend jaunts or full-blown adventures), get her a gift that she can actually use while she's gone. Since jewelry is often the most annoying thing to pack, she'll probably appreciate having a dedicated (and pretty) place to store it all tangle-free.

16 Bob's Burgers Monopoly



For the Game-Night Fiend

ALRIIIIIGHT! Help your friend shake up their game-night routine with a new twist on an old classic. Though this game plays just like original Monopoly, its houses, cards, money, and locations are all hilariously customized in the theme of Bob's Burgers. Whether they're the Linda to your Bob or the Louise to your Tina isn't important … as long as they like the show, the game will be a blast!

17 LuMee LED-Illuminated Phone Case for iPhone 7+ and 8+



For the Social Media Maven

If they love the nightlife, but dark and grainy selfies are the bane of their existence, let this be the antidote to their over-filtering. Gift them this handy iPhone case from LuMee that'll protect their device and serve as a personal lighting kit with just a push of a button.

18 Fujifilm Instax Mini 9



For Your Paparazzo Pal

There's something about a physical photo that feels so much more meaningful than a digital image. Perfect for your most snap-happy friend, the Instax Mini 9 camera has a super cute design, and it creates instant keepsakes from the memories that you share together.

19 LAFCO Feu de Bois Candle



For the Candle Fiend

It's not often that a candle totally floors us, but our lives were permanently changed the first time we lit up one of these LAFCO babies. The fragrances are not only incredibly saturated and delicious, but the packaging is truly gorgeous. Each one is made from hand-blown glass, and it can be cleaned and kept after the candle is done burning. Choose from over 40 scents, or go for the classic Feu de Bois, a woodsy option that smells like mountain spruce. Oh, and BTW — LAFCO also makes the most amazing hand cream on this planet! Try the Duchess Peony scent!

20 S'well Traveller



For the Friend Who's Always On the Go

Your friend loves brewing a cuppa (or few) on the daily, but if her paper cup pile-up is cause for concern, she needs this travel bottle in her life. This pick from S'well keeps beverages hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours, while its insulated build prevents condensation and transference of heat to the outside. The size is perfect for her morning coffee. Check out other color options here!

21 In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice From Over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs



For Those Who Love a Strong Female Lead

Grace Bonney's In The Company of Women is a pep talk in the form of a book. The blogger profiles a diverse range of businesswomen, and takes an exploratory look into their routines, workspaces, and the advice they've gleaned from their work. Gift this inspiring, beautifully designed tome to any badass business-savvy friend in your life.

22 Work It Out Gym Bag



For Your Gym Buddy

Spoil your gym partner (or athletic friend) with a cute bag they'll wanna carry every time they go. Then be sure to go get pizza after, because who's really hungry for a salad after a workout?

23 KhaleesisBazaar Are You In A Bad Mood Coffee Mug



For Your Favorite Salty Betch

If you're lucky enough to have a friend this sassy (and you're patient enough to deal with them), you know they'll probably die laughing at the sight of this mug. If you're really nice, you can pair this gift with some delicious, fancy-ass coffee from Atlas Coffee Club (get them a subscription — they'll love you for it!).

24 Las Bayadas Beach Blanket
​Las Bayadas



For the Sun Goddess

If your bestie is a total beach babe, there's no way she won't find a way to Instagram this gorgeous beach blanket by Las Bayadas. Each one is made in Mexico with ultra-soft traditional fabrics, and a portion of the profits go toward a local school's scholarship fund.

25 Love Goodly Subscription Box
​Love Goodly

from $29.95 for a bi-monthly subscription


For the Vegan Beauty Lover

If your bestie's makeup bag is entirely cruelty-free, treat her to a beauty box that's in line with her personal ethics. The Love Goodly box is a subscription service that introduces her to the best vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-conscious products in the beauty, snacking, and wellness categories right now. The products are mostly full-sized, so every unboxing feels like a massive score! It ships every other month, and you can choose to start her off with a single box or two in a row for extra brownie points.

26 Uncommon Goods Scratch Map (Standard Size)



For the Thrill Seeker

This scratch-off map is a clever and fun way for your friend to keep track of their worldly travels, whether you're taking those trips together or not. Just make sure they know to bring you back a souvenir if you get left behind!

27 Obvious State
Obvious State



For the Armchair Philosopher

We can't even wrap our heads around this dense block of text from Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, though the tote it's printed on would be a lovely gift for your most philosophically inclined friend.

28 Love With Food Snack Box
​Love With Food

from $8.00 per month


For the Friend Who Eats Your Snacks

We all have that friend who constantly comes over hungry, ready to raid your fridge and pantry for a snack. Instead of footing the cost for all the food they eat at your house, just get them a recurring gift box that'll deliver snacks straight to their door. You can choose from plans as low as $8 per month, which is probably less than the total cost of all the stuff they've eaten from your fridge anyway.

29 Thinkgeek Golden Girls Puzzle



For the Girl Gang

Forget Taylor, Gigi, and Selena! We all know the Golden Girls are the original #squad. Celebrate your gal pals with a tribute to the ultimate girl gang of yore. This group gift is the perfect cause for a night in together with cocktails, puzzle time, and a binge-watching session of your favorite show.

30 Society6 Feeling Small Tote Bag



For the One Who's Outdoorsy-ish

If your friend's idea of getting in touch with nature is lighting a pine-scented candle and wearing a lot of flannel, well, she sounds like our kind of gal. Gift her this durable and lightweight tote bag printed with a tranquil campfire scene on both sides — it's the very definition of aspirational and attainable.

31 Sugarfina Rosé All Day Gummy Bears Small Candy Cube



For the Rosé Fanatic

No how and no way have we hit peak rosé. Sugarfina's top-selling rosé-infused gummies are the perfect gift for those who will always opt for summer water, any time of year. Buy in bulk for your bestie before they sell out again! If you want to go for something bigger, you can customize towers of gummies and candies from Sugarfina here.

32 Foodie Dice



For the Indecisive Home Chef

You've seen how long it takes them to decide on a Netflix documentary to watch — how do they possibly get their daily dinner strategy in order? Gift the talented cook this set of six wooden dice, each engraved with a different kind of ingredient, and no matter how they shake things up, the results will definitely be delicious.

33 Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription
Blue Bottle Coffee

from $24.00


For the Caffeine Queen

Every coffee lover deserves a pick-me-up! Give the gift of caffeine with Blue Bottle's subscription program, which starts at a reasonable $24 and delivers coffee right to her door. Choose from a variety of sizes and types of coffee, including single-origin espresso beans, blend assortments, and even decaf.

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34 Wine of the Month Club Subscription
​Wine of the Month Club

from $37.00 per shipment


For the Wino

Keep the good times rolling and the vino flowing! This wine-subscription club sends a curated selection of wine to your BFF every month. The base package is two bottles, and you can choose from all reds, all whites, or one of each. The service has a four-month minimum for gift orders.

35 Greetabl

from $11.00


For the Long Distance Friend

Greetabl boxes are the perfect way to put a smile on your long-distance BFF's face. Choose a custom design for the outside of the box and fill it with your choice of sweet little gifts, from candles to candy. Then select photos of you together to have printed on the inside of the box, which will fold out into a collage for them to keep!

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