Gold Christmas Trees Don’t Need String Lights to Shine Brightly

Champagne wishes, sugar plum dreams. ✨

gold Christmas trees
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Looking to make your space sparkle this holiday? Trade this year's evergreen for a gilded tree instead! These gold Christmas trees make for a glamorous, glimmering display.

1 National Tree Company 6-Foot Champagne Gold Christmas Tree

For its impressive 6-foot height, this gold pencil tree is quite a bargain! Though it comes unlit, its 520 branch tips offer plenty of space to string up the light strand of your choice, and its slim, 20-inch diameter means that it can fit into the smallest of spaces! It's also available in a 3-foot height, and in a variety of other unconventional colors.

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2 Jeco Inc. 4-Foot Champagne Artificial Christmas Tree

The ideal entryway adornment, this 4-foot-tall gold Christmas tree is pre-lit with 70 white incandescent lights, and it displays a traditional, fuller tree silhouette while clad in an unexpected hue.

3 Sterling Inc. Frosted Hard Needle 7-Foot Gold Christmas Tree

This 7-foot-tall stunner looks high-end, but it's actually a relatively low-maintenance alternative to an artificial Christmas tree. It's pre-lit with 400 incandescent bulbs, and it's even pre-decorated with faux pinecones — all it needs is a topper and a tree skirt, and it'll be ready for Santa's arrival!

4 Vickerman Champagne Unlit Mini Christmas Trees (Set of Three)

Comprised of glimmering gold tinsel, this trio of 12-, 18-, and 24-inch gold Christmas trees amp up the holiday spirit wherever they're placed. You can even disperse this set onto various surfaces at home or group them together on the mantel.

5 Brylanehome 4 ft. Rose Gold Christmas Tree

Turns out, the rose gold trend translates beautifully to a holiday setting! Standing at a petite 4 feet tall, this Insta-worthy, metallic pink Christmas tree is a true statement gem. It has over 600 unadorned tips to decorate (or not!) to your liking, and though it comes unlit, it'll softly shimmer when it catches the nearby light.

6 Vickerman Pre-Lit 4 ft. Gold Christmas Tree

Plug this 4-foot-tall wire tree in by your dining room table to enjoy its ethereal glow during your holiday gathering. Its 280 LED lights give it an elegant, icicle-encrusted appearance.

7 Vickerman 7.5 ft. Metal Mix Upside-Down Christmas Tree

Do you see what I see? For those in the spirit to buck tradition, this doubly unconventional gold Christmas tree stands upside-down. Made of PVC, it's comprised of 1,360 branch tips for a lush look that you can hang ornaments from if you really want to go the extra mile!

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