21 Stylish Home Decor Finds You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now

In a decor rut? Your next upgrade is just a Prime purchase away.

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You're probably already scrolling through Amazon for everything from your gadgets to your book purchases, but if you aren't yet hip to its seriously impressive decor selection, allow us to intro you to the offerings. Here are 21 surprisingly posh home decor items you can buy on Amazon right this very moment.

Art of Plants — the Lotus


Add an understated hint of green to your bedroom or kitchen window. This pick is comprised of an elegant air plant that comes nestled inside of an open-weave conifer-wood knot. There's no soil or any gardening know-how required — just wet the air plant once every week so it stays sprightly.  

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Boraam Zebra Series Alborg End Table


A little midcentury influence goes a long way. This end table showcases a sleek silhouette with angled legs supporting an open shelf, and its wood-veneer surface has an amber cherry-wood finish with striped woodgrain.

Safavieh Home Collection Palladian Mirror

$211 BUY NOW

A geometric mirror always adds plenty of intrigue and airiness to a space. This one, shaped like a half-moon window, has an antique gold finish and is best displayed above a console to create a corner vignette.

Smeg 2-Slice Toaster

$150 BUY NOW

SMEG's appliances are both high-quality and beautiful home decor additions, making them totally worth the splurge. This top-rated toaster is touted by users for its cool, vintage-inspired look, sturdy build, and quick and consistent toasting.

Brussel's Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai


This tabletop ficus tree is a step up from succulents in terms of maintenance, but its stunning silhouette makes it more than worth it. It thrives in warm, well-lit indoor spaces, and it'll need to be monitored and watered often to maintain optimal vibrancy.

Areaware Table Tiles

$23 for set of six BUY NOW

Add a little extra perspective to your living room area — these tricolored hexagonal coasters from Areaware add some geometric flair to any surface.

Menu Small Bottle Grinder Set


Here's a set of salt-and-pepper grinders that's fit for full-time dinner-table display. Available in a spectrum of shades, this pair of moody greens adds a pop of color in a sleek shape.

MelonBoat Lotus Cotton Swab Holder


With a style that's both cute and calming, this 3-inch-high lotus-shaped container sits prettily on your bathroom countertop, holding up to 30 cotton swabs at a time. 

Now Designs Bamboo Utensils

$12 for set of five BUY NOW

If open shelves and racks rule your kitchen, this is the cooking utensil set worthy of an out-in-the-open display. They're all crafted from durable, eco-friendly bamboo wood, and at $3 for each piece of the set on Amazon, they're an incredible value, too.

Bormioli Rocco Sorgente Double Old Fashioned Glasses Set

$30 for set of four BUY NOW

We like this glass set's rumpled, yet rakish, look. The dimples also help you grip it more securely as you swirl a couple whiskey rocks around.

Block Sketch Desk Tidy


A riff on the traditional pen cup, this architecturally inspired desk organizer holds your writing utensils upright, leaving space on the bottom for stashing a few paper clips, push pins or washi tape for easy access.

Ojia Mongolian Faux Fur Throw Pillow Cover


Add an extra cozy (and extra trendy) touch to your living room with a faux-fur accent pillow. This cover will fit over any standard 18-by-18-inch pillow, and though the gray color is our favorite, you can choose from quite a few to fit your personal aesthetic. 

Umbra Hub Ladder


For a chic and practical storage solution, hang your extra living room throws or dining linens over this ladder. It also works beautifully in a bathroom for towels to add minimalist elegance to any space. 

Umbra Strum Copper Wall Shelf


For a clever and decorative way to store your magazines and rogue papers, this cute copper wall shelf is a smart solution. Place two back-to-back for a super mod look! 

Linea di Liara Effimero Single-Bulb Sconce


If you do it right, sconces like this can be passed off as pieces of sculptural wall art during the day. Place one on each side of your bed with a large piece of wall art or a mirror in the middle to give your room a totally polished look. 

Home & Home Premium Handmade Moroccan Leather Pouf


Poufs are an easy way to add a rustic, boho touch to any room. These come unstuffed, so you'll need to fill them yourself.  Most people suggest using cotton or polyester fiber, but our little secret is to just use recycled, crumpled-up newspapers (unless you plan to actually sitting on it a ton). 

Art3d Peel and Stick 3D Wall Panels

$20 per panel BUY NOW

Wallpaper is old news! Try these 3D peel-and-stick wall panels that add tons of texture and breathe new life into any room. A 10-pack of this modern white brick finish will cost you $200, but it'll fill a pretty large-sized accent wall.  

Ojia Deluxe Soft Faux Sheepskin Rug


Sheepskin rugs (even when they're faux fur) are a super simple way to add extra layers into your space. Drape this one over a dining room chair for added luxury, or keep it on the floor to add coziness to any room.

Bloomingville Ceramic Carina Jar with Cork Lid


Whether you use it for cookies or miscellaneous findings around the house (we've got a container like this for nails, extra Ikea hardware pieces, etc.), this geometric ceramic jar looks good on any countertop or shelf. 

Case Study Ceramic Planter with Wood Stand

$189 BUY NOW

This extra large planter is the ticket to your living room jungle. Fill it with tall philodendron plants or indoor palms to easily transform your space into a tropical paradise. 

Bellaa Decorative Rhino Bookends


There's no reason why your bookshelf or mantle shouldn't benefit from some extra decorative accents. These bookends provide an extra bold touch when flanking a row of precious books.