Popcorn Tins Are The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Because two foodie gifts in one means way more fun.

best popcorn tins best popcorn tins
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Snack on the popcorn, then collect the tins. It's as simple as that! Plus, we guarantee your loved ones will have a savory, buttery, oh-so-merry holiday thanks to these yummy popcorn tins. Whether you're looking for the perfectly crunchy treat to satisfy someone with a sweet tooth, or for a savory snack savant, these popcorn tins are sure to win anyone over.

Here are our absolute favorite popcorn tins for gourmet gifting this holiday season and beyond.

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Popcornopolis Classic Gourmet Popcorn 2 Gallon Tin

This jumbo-sized, 2-gallon popcorn tin from Popcornopolis contains three crowd-pleasing favorite flavors — caramel corn, kettle corn, and addictively cheesy cheddar cheese popcorn — so even the most discerning of popcorn palates will be pleased this gifting season. Good luck picking your favorite flavor!

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Chocolate Dreams Popcorn Tin

If you're looking for the perfect food gift for someone in your life who loves both popcorn and chocolate, look no further than this delicious mash-up blend. Filled with a blend of Cookies n' Cream, Peanut Butter Cup, and Mint Cookie Mayhem popcorns, this gourmet popcorn tin is perfect for diehard chocolate lovers.

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King's Kettle Blend Popcorn Tin

Does it get anymore delicious than classic kettle corn? We didn't think so until we tried this insanely addictive sweet and salty kettle corn trio. Comprised of traditional kettle corn, savory sea salt and cracked pepper kettle corn, and cinnamon and brown sugar kettle corn, we think there's something for every palate in this yummy gourmet popcorn tin.

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Artisan Popcorn Tin



If the handsome geometric patterned detailing on this tin hasn't already caught your eye, take a peek into this gourmet collection of snacks, including traditional butter-flavored popcorn, a cheesy cheddar variety, and — wait for it — sweet and savory caramel corn.

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KingofPOP Traditional Popcorn Tin



This yummy combination of sweet caramel, savory butter, and indulgent cheddar popcorns from KingofPOP is a 1-gallon medley of deliciousness. We love using the sleek, chrome popcorn tin for storing knickknacks after the treats are all gone.

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Christmas Bouquet Popcorn Gift Tin by Just Poppin



Filled with gourmet caramel popcorn, real cheddar cheese popcorn, and French vanilla popcorn varieties, this popcorn tin features a more traditional print that'll look gorgeous under the Christmas tree this holiday season.

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Harry & David Moose Munch Premium Popcorn Holiday Drum

$34.99 (available beginning October 9)


Why gift a regular-sized popcorn tin when you can give an impressive jumbo-sized package brimming with sweet and savory treats instead? This oversized tin is packed with three different flavors of chocolate-laced Moose Munch Premium Popcorn, and it also makes an excellent storage container for mittens, scarves, or knickknacks after the holidays.

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