11 Soothing Herbal Tea Blends More Relaxing Than Yoga

Find your zen.

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From calming bedtime blends to invigorating fruity infusions, herbal teas can provide a powerful dose of rejuvenating antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients to naturally aid a wide variety of ailments. Put the kettle on, sit back, and get ready to find your zen with these deliciously soothing and naturally decaffeinated herbal teas.

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Smith Teamaker
Smith Teamaker Blend No. 67 "Meadow" Herbal Tea​​

This aptly named "Meadow" blend from artisan brand Smith Teamaker is one of the prettiest (and tastiest) herbal teas we've ever brewed. Each silky satchel is stuffed with a generous potpourri of chamomile buds, red rooibos, fragrant hyssop, rose petals, and linden flowers — a gorgeous bouquet that blooms as it steeps.

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Teapigs Liquorice and Peppermint Herbal Tea

If you're trying to live your best Meghan Markle life, you should probably start by stocking up on her favorite tea! This caffeine-free herbal tea from cult-favorite British brand teapigs is a delicious blend of licorice root and whole peppermint leaves that tastes sweet, minty, and super refreshing after a meal.

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​Traditional Medicinal​​​s
​Traditional Medicinal​​​s Organic Lemon Balm Herbal Tea

The star of this herbal tea is organic lemon balm leaf, which is known to promote relaxation for a calm meditation session or a restful and restorative slumber. Lemon balm is actually a type of mint that has a unique citrusy scent, making it an incredibly soothing and refreshing blend to sip as a tea.

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Numi Organic Decaf Ginger Lemon Herbal Tea​​

If you're feeling nauseous or struggling with mild digestive issues, an herbal tea with ginger might be just what the doctor ordered. This organic blend from Numi features decaffeinated green tea, ginger root, and lemongrass for an herbal tea that's soothing, citrusy, and just slightly spicy.

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Kiss Me Organics Dandelion Root Herbal Tea



This best-selling organic blend of dandelion, hibiscus, and cinnamon from Kiss Me Organics supports healthy digestion and overall health of the kidney and liver, which are two organs vital to the body's natural detoxification process.

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Yogi Herbal Tea Kava Stress Relief

$23.88 for pack of six


Used for centuries as a natural stress reliever, kava has been known to help calm the body and mind and promote a restful night's sleep. This blend from Yogi combines kava with cinnamon and sarsaparilla for a soothing cup of bedtime tea.

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Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea Sampler

$18.10 for pack of six


A highly rated herbal tea sampler, Celestial Seasonings' variety pack features one of its most delicious and well-known blends: Sleepytime. Something about that adorable sleepy bear on the label just gets us in the mood for some serious snuggling.

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Traditional Medicinals Organic Hibiscus Herbal Tea

$28.44 for pack of six


Tart, tangy, and just slightly sweet, this organic hibiscus blend is loaded with powerful antioxidants and can be used alongside a balanced healthy diet as a natural weight-loss supplement. Chilled hibiscus tea can also be used as a deliciously tart addition to tequila or white rum-based cocktails at home.

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Traditional Medicinals Organic Nighty Night Valerian Herbal Tea



The base of many sleep-aid teas, valerian root has long been used for its powerful relaxing properties and ability to help promote a restful night's slumber. We especially like the taste of this organic minty blend from Traditional Medicinals.

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Bigelow Mixed Herbal Teas



Having a hard time deciding on just one new herbal tea to try? Invest in a mixed variety pack like this from Bigelow, which includes everything from a calming Sweet Dreams nighttime tea to a refreshing Mint Medley blend.

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Republic of Tea Get Clean Herbal Teas
Republic of Tea
The Republic of Tea Get Clean Herbal Teas



These clever stackable teas are designed to be consumed in tandem at various points throughout the day to promote healthy detoxification. We're particularly hooked on the morning blend, which combines cool cucumber and dandelion leaves, spearmint, and lemon verbena for a refreshing morning boost to your detox.