The 11 Best Sparkling Water Brands That Make H2O Way More Exciting

Because bubbles are bae.

spindrift sparkling water best 2018
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Whether you're on the hunt for a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up or a healthier alternative to sugar-loaded soda for use in mixed drinks, sparkling water is sure to satisfy any craving. With fruity infusions, tummy-soothing carbonation, and even spiked options, we're all about the bubbles. Because there are so many tasty bubbly beverages to choose from in the sparkling water space, we narrowed down our search to include only the options that contain zero added sugars, zero sodium, and are 5 calories or less per serving. Check out the best sparkling water options that give your drink a burst of flavor.

1 Waterloo Sparkling Water (12-Pack)

Launched earlier this year and rumored to potentially become the next La Croix of the sparkling water world, Austin-based start-up darling Waterloo has gotten off to a solid start. With seven delicious flavors, including coconut, watermelon, black cherry, and grapefruit, you'll have a hard time picking your new favorite. 

We think the original flavor is an incredibly crisp and refreshing beverage to sip on ice with a lemon twist in lieu of a cocktail at happy hour. 

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2 LaCroix Pamplemousse Sparkling Water

$23.75 for pack of three (12 cans per pack)


LaCroix has steadily grown a loyal cult following over the years, and for good reason! We can't get enough of their refreshingly fruity varieties, especially the slightly tart Pamplemousse flavor (err ... that's grapefruit for you non-Francophiles).

3 LaCroix Flavors T-Shirt $24.99

Love LaCroix? Keep your favorite flavors close to your heart with a T-shirt that makes your preference of sparkling water known. 

4 bubly Sparkling Water (8-Pack)



PepsiCo released their own line of sparkling water earlier this year with the release of bubly, and we must say we're totally on board with this fun and cheeky line. The brand launched eight crispy flavors that are almost as fun to say as they are to sip — like limebubly and mangobubly — but our hands-down favorite flavor is this perfectly sweet strawberry flavor.

5 Spindrift​ Cucumber Sparkling Water (16-Pack)

Spindrift is the first and only sparkling beverage made with only real, squeezed fruit, and we think it's the freshest and juiciest-tasting sparkling water on this list. There are tons of fruity flavors to fall for — from Strawberry to Blackberry to the newly-released Half & Half iced tea and lemonade combo — but we think this Cucumber flavor is the most delicious option for cooling down and kicking back. 

Our advice: Add a splash of Spindrift to your favorite gin cocktails this season for a cool and refreshing kick.

6 Schweppes Black Cherry Sparkling Water (24-Pack)



For a slightly more intense level of carbonation, we love Schweppes seltzer. The Black Cherry flavor works wonders as a tummy-soothing pick-me-up, especially if you're feeling a bit groggy from the night before.

7 Vintage Seltzer Sparkling Water (6-Pack)
Vintage Seltzer

With the motto, "water shouldn't be boring and neither should you," it's no wonder we're big fans of Vintage Sparkling Water. From the retro-inspired yet simple packaging to the ultra refreshing bubbles, you'll want to stock up on Vintage for your next house party or picnic.

8 Canada Dry Original Sparkling Seltzer Water (12-Pack)
Canada Dry



Another slightly more intense option when it comes to the fizz factor, we love Canada Dry's Original flavor as a versatile base mixer for spirits.

9 Poland Spring Sparkling Black Cherry (12-Pack)
Poland Spring

For a quick and bubbly refreshment with just a hint of sweet fruity flavor, toss a Poland Spring Sparkling Natural Spring Water into your lunch bag. The Black Cherry is a crowd-pleaser! Be sure to check out Poland Spring's new lineup of sparkling water with a brand-new look and fresh flavor varieties this spring.

10 Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry Sparkling Water (12-Pack)
Sparkling Ice

Bursting with fruity flavor and crisp, refreshing bubbles, you might be surprised to know that Sparkling Ice contains zero calories and zero sugars. In fact, Sparkling Ice is loaded with only good-for-you antioxidants, vitamins, and a touch of green tea extract for an added caffeine boost. 

Sparkling Ice has tons of tasty flavors to choose from, including a newly-launched Ginger Lime variety, but we're partial to Black Raspberry for a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up.

11 Perrier Lime Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

$21.29 for pack of three (10 cans per pack)


For a clean and crisp sparkling option, go for a can of Perrier Lime. Delicious sipped solo or used to top your favorite fruity cocktail, this is a classic choice. Plus, these slim, easy-to-transport cans make sipping on the fly easier than ever.