How Much Do You Need to Spend on a Good Bottle of Prosecco? We’ll Tell You …

This bubbly won't break the bank.

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In case you're tired of splurging on pricey bottles of champagne, we have another sparkling wine for your next special occasion. Made from Glera grapes in Italy's Veneto region, prosecco is a versatile option for dinner parties and backyard barbecues. Prosecco also happens to be generally much less expensive than its cousin Champagne. We've rounded up the best prosecco under $20 for all your summer celebrations.

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Mionetto Prosecco Brut



Best Overall

Delicious on its own, but also a solid complement to refreshing cocktails like an Aperol spritz, Mionetto is a crisp and versatile crowd-pleasing prosecco that tastes way more expensive. At a super reasonable price point, this prosecco gets our vote for best overall.

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LaMarca Prosecco
La Marca Prosecco



Fresh, clean, and bursting with notes of ripe citrus, La Marca is a delicious option to have on hand for barbecues, outdoor brunch, or other special occasions during warmer months.

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Cupcake Vineyards Prosecco
Cupcake Vineyards
Cupcake Vineyards Prosecco



Refreshing, approachable, and super affordable, this juicy prosecco from Cupcake Vineyards is fruity but finishes dry, making it an excellent choice for pairing with sliders, ribs, or other low-key grilled fare at backyard barbecues.

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Ruffino Prosecco
Ruffino Prosecco



Intensely fruity and fragrant with a clean and dry finish, Ruffino Prosecco tastes delicious paired with fresh seafood, grilled pizza, and light pasta dishes. The subtle peach and apple notes also make this bubbly a nice choice to pair with fresh fruit and cheese.

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Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore DOCG
Santa Margherita
Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore DOCG



Crisp, fresh, and vibrant, this Prosecco Superiore from Santa Margherita tastes delicious served as a simple aperitif, but it also plays nicely with seared scallops, raw oysters, and other delicate seafood dishes. It's also worth noting that this prosecco earned the DOCG classification — Italy's highest wine-quality classification.

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Riondo Spago Nero Prosecco



Versatile, crisp, and light-bodied, this bottle of prosecco is an excellent gift to bring to any housewarming or birthday party year-round. We think it tastes best chilled and served on the rooftop on a warm summer night.

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Ménage à Trois Prosecco



As its flirtatious label might suggest, this prosecco is ready to party with its bright fruity flavor and floral aromas. It's crisp and refreshing enough to sip solo, although we'd recommend topping off your favorite summer cocktails with a splash of this stuff, too.

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Carpene Malvolti Prosecco



Fruity on the nose with a delicately dry finish, this yummy bottle of prosecco will be your new go-to for any celebration.

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Mia Prosecco



Crisp, refreshing, and packed with fruity flavor, Mia Prosecco is a popular pick for both price point and taste. We're especially hooked on the slight citrus kick in each sip, which makes this a crowd-pleasing go-to choice for outdoor parties.

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Zardetto Prosecco

from $9.00


Delicious served alongside everything from fresh shellfish to cheese boards to grilled white meats, Zardetto Prosecco is clean, crisp, versatile, and incredibly food-friendly.

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Miotto Prosecco "ProFondo"



Bone-dry, complex in flavor, and perfectly suited to pair with foods like lighter meat dishes, shellfish, and cheese, this special bottle of prosecco is a conversation starter due to its semi-cloudy consistency and funky flavor.

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Treviso Cornaro Extra Dry Spumante Prosecco



This super bubbly, fruity wine is bursting with flavor, and it works beautifully paired with light hors d'oeuvres like prosciutto with ripe melon.

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Fedéra Extra Dry Miotto Prosecco



Whether you're passing around spicy appetizers like jalapeño poppers or a savory and salty charcuterie board, this dry prosecco is the ultimate aperitif to start the party off right.