The 23 Best Gifts for Car Lovers That'll Get Their Hearts Racing

Shopping for a car nut? Look no further!

gifts for car lovers
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Automotive fans can be tricky to shop for if you're not into cars or an actual gearhead yourself. Not to worry! We've picked 23 of the coolest and most useful gifts any car enthusiast would love.

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Kenu Airbase Pro Phone Mount

Keep their eyes on the road with the Kenu Airbase Pro. It'll stay front and center on their vehicle's dashboard so they won't have to look down to glance at the navigation. Its arm grips expand to hold even the largest of smartphones, and it articulates, too, so you can use your phone in landscape or portrait mode. 

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Spar. Saa Inverted Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle
$19.79 (60% off)

Any car lover hates getting the interior of their vehicle wet, especially when it’s leather. This double-layer inverted umbrella folds the top, wet layer into the dry layer underneath, preventing water from dripping everywhere. When they get caught in the next rainstorm, they’ll thank you.

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Gas Clutch Socks
$7.95 (43% off)

New drivers should know it’s not safe to use both feet on the pedals, but at least these cozy socks will help them remember which side is the clutch and which is the gas.

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Steering Wheel Cover



They'll be able to keep their hands warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer with this steering wheel cover that provides extra grip. Made with eco-friendly rubber, you won't get the toxic smells that come with some other rubber products.

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Car Seat Protector (2-Pack)



They can cruise with their dog without worrying about paws scratching up the backseat. With these two protective seat covers, leather or cloth upholstery is protected against scratches and stains. They're heat-resistant, with color-safe technology as well.

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Porsche 911: 50 Years



There are a lot of great automotive coffee table books out there, but for the Porsche fanatic in your life, it won't get much more interesting than this. The story takes an in-depth look at Porsche 911 models and discusses what led to the creation of one of the most iconic brands in automotive history.

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Anker Roav Dash Cam



A good-quality dashcam is for so much more than recording potential accidents and making your fellow motorists internet-famous. Your special car lover can use it to record his hot laps at the next autocross meet or track day, or even create snippets of themselves ranting from behind the wheel to share on social media.

The Roav by Anker captures impressive high-definition 1080p video in all lighting conditions, thanks to its Sony Exmor sensor. It has a wide-angle lens with a 145-degree viewing angle that can see four lanes of traffic.

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Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit



Though not the flashiest thing on our list, this complete detailing kit from Meguiar's is the perfect gift for that special someone who's obsessed with keeping their car clean.

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The Man and Le Mans Documentary

$3.99 to rent


This documentary of Steve McQueen's wild life in the world of film and motorsport is the kind of thing that every self-purported auto enthusiast needs to watch. The film gives you an interesting look behind the scenes and a greater understanding of the man's passion for the world of racing.

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Streamlight Night Com UV LED Flashlight



For the mechanic in the family, this Streamlight flashlight comes with a handy bonus. Not only is it a powerful LED flashlight, but it also has a UV LED built in, which helps with diagnosing oil and other fluid leaks.

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gifts for car lovers
Kobalt 200-Piece Mechanics Tool Set



Know an auto enthusiast who constantly talks about wanting to work on their car, but just doesn't have the necessary tools? A set like this will have them up and running in no time, so there are no more excuses to be had.

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ThisWorx for
ThisWorx Car Vacuum
$29.97 (25% off)

They'll able to clean their car like a pro with this tool. No crumb will be left behind, thanks to the strong suction of this hand-held vacuum. The set comes with an elastic hose and a nozzle set, plus a carrying case, so you can conveniently store it away. 

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Chevy Seatbelt Belt



One more for the gimmicky-but-fun pile, the idea of a belt for your pants being made from a seatbelt isn't exactly new, but we'd still recommend it as a good dad-gift if the old man is still a bit of a gearhead.

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Escort Max 360 Radar Detector



Need a gift for a driver with a lead foot? The Max 360 by Escort continues to be one of the best radar detectors in the business. It features Bluetooth and GPS, as well as a preloaded database for speed and red-light cameras. The device also offers 360-degree laser protection, and it has arrows that display where detection signals come from. Max 360 will also connect to your iPhone or Android phone and show you data reported by other users in your area. If you're looking to splurge, this is the radar detector to get.

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Ingersoll Rand Super-Duty Air Impact Wrench



This pick is for the gearhead who works all day fixing cars in a professional facility. These top-line guns from Snap-On are built like tanks, and they're a godsend when dealing with rusted fasteners.

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MRCUFF Speedometer & Fuel Guage MPH Race Car Auto Racing Pair Cufflinks in Presentation Gift Box & Polishing Cloth

These will make getting dressed-up in a suit a little easier. Any guy who's into cars knows it's all about the tiny details, and these speedometer cufflinks are just that. 

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Drive Auto Products
The Drive Bin
$14.97 (38% off)

This Drive Bin will keep their car looking clean on the inside, so all your trash (fast food containers, anyone?) has a place to go that's not the floor. The waterproof bin comes with disposable plastic bags that make it easy to dispose of the garbage once you're home. It’s easily adjustable, too, with a quick-clip strap that stores it on a headrest.

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Leather Embossed Keychain



Classy and personable, this leather embossed keychain will look great with their car keys. It comes in five different shades of leather: saddle, brown, chocolate, black, and burgundy.

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Ferrari Red Ceramic Coffee Mug
$12.77 (36% off)

When you can't get them the Ferrari, you settle for the Ferrari mug. This mug in the classic bright red finish, will satisfy the most geeky of luxury sport car enthusiasts out there.

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Ultimate Exotic Car Racing in Las Vegas

from $1,195.00


OK, so this one is a little steep, but if you've got plans to be anywhere near Las Vegas, this experience will be a thrill of a lifetime for them. With the base package, drivers will get the choice of five supercars that they'll be able to drive for five full laps around the Las Vegas Speedway's road course.

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Midcentury Americana Wooden Car

from $24.99


If you're thinking of sharing your automotive passion with the younger members of your family, these rad wooden cars are a great jumping-off point.

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Engine Block Coffee Table



By no means a cheap gift — though not quite outrageous enough for our over-the-top gift guide — this funky coffee table is perfect for the car lover in your life who's currently updating his garage or mancave.

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LaFerrari 1:24 Scale Model Car



As cool as the Lego kits are, scale models are a great alternative for any car lover, that look closer to the real deal. Plus, they avoid the work of having to build it.

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