It's Time to Add Toner to Your Skin-Care Routine

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When it comes to skin care, if you skimp, you suffer. Toners can work wonders to shrink pores, minimize acne, and balance your pH levels. They're guaranteed to boost your beauty routine and provide you with the healthy skin you crave.

Plus, using a toner can actually be just as important as cleansing your skin. It's all a matter of finding the right type for your skin. Have oily or combination skin? An astringent might be the best option for you. If you have dry or sensitive skin, an alcohol-free toner will treat your skin better than others.

Check out our favorite facial toners for a new and improved glow, and you'll finally see what all the fuss was about.

1 Thayers Natural Remedies Witch Hazel Lavender

Best Overall

Ranked the number-one toner on Amazon and also in our hearts, you should definitely try Thayers Witch Hazel toner if it's not already sitting in your bathroom cabinet. 

When using toner, it's important to use an alcohol-free version, like this one from Thayers. Alcohol can cause serious disruptions to the sebaceous glands, and how they produce oils is important to your skin's balance. 

Available in several different varieties, we love the lavender formula for its acne-solving properties and accessible price point.

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2 Neutrogena Alcohol And Oil-Free Toner

Best Budget Buy

Looking to save but not skimp on quality? Neutrogena's Alcohol-Free toner will fill the necessary step of purifying your skin without spending too much. Pro tip: Use it with a cotton round for easy application.

3 SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Best Splurge

This toner treatment from SK-II was built to beautify. Made from 90% Pitera to up the ante on skin renewal, this tender tonic is best used daily for maximum moisture and a clear complexion.

4 Caudalie Beauty Elixir

A makeup-mogul fave (makeup artist Lisa Eldridge is a fan), this mineral-enriched mist from Caudalie can be used to either create a smooth surface for makeup, or set products after application for extra long wear. 

The sophisticated elixir was inspired by Queen Isabelle of Hungary's youthful blend, and makes for a lovely midday mist infused with grape extracts, orange blossom water, and mint oil to awaken the senses.

5 MILK MAKEUP Matcha Toner

MILK Makeup's facial toner is awesome because not only is it made from matcha green tea, but also it's a solid! The congealed gel formula is eco-friendly, paraben-free, and the first of its kind to hit the market. 

Key ingredients like kombucha and witch hazel work to tighten pores and extract excess oils, and cactus elixir works to hydrate your complexion. This revolutionary product gives skin a deep detox while acting as a protective shield against stressors.

6 OLEHENRIKSEN Balancing Force Oil Control Toner

A foolproof formula sans oil, this top-notch exfoliant from Olehenriksen concentrates on your pores. Crafted to cleanse any and every skin type, the tender treatment aims to hydrate and heal the face by expelling excess oil without stripping.

7 Son & Park Beauty Water

This online-exclusive toner from Son & Park incredible. The multipurpose cleanser's natural beauty initiative is shown through the innovative mix of willow bark, papaya extract, and rose water, which work to hydrate skin and uncloud your natural glow.

8 Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner

Once Kylie Jenner took to Snapchat and swore on Mario Badescu's drying lotion, we were sure to put this skin-care brand on our radar because, hello, haven't you noticed the Lipkit Queen's flawless skin? Turns out, Badescu's toner is top-notch, too, combining the likes of grapefruit extract and glycolic acid to visibly reduce discoloration and acne scarring

For maximum results, apply morning and night after cleansing, using a cotton ball or pad to blot outward from the center of the face.

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9 AMOREPACIFIC Treatment Toner

Amorepacific's face toner, although a little pricey, is one of the absolute best. Swipe on after cleansing in the a.m. and before bed to ensure skin feels take care of throughout the day. You'll visibly see and feel a difference thanks to red ginseng root, which stimulates your skin's metabolism and results in a delicious glow that's naturally yours. 

Who needs makeup when skin looks this flawless?

10 Fresh Rose Floral Toner

With guaranteed 24-hour moisture and cosmetic hold, this fancy formula from Fresh has our full attention. Its elegant notes of rosewater work to calm your complexion for stress-free skin that looks as fresh as it smells.