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Hi, I'm Caitlyn! When I'm not writing articles, creating Instagram stories, or rounding up the best things to do in NYC, I'm probably at the gym, Whole Foods, cuddling with my dog, Waffle, or daydreaming about the time I saw Drake in Vegas.

Things to Eat, Drink, and Do in New York City This Weekend (April 20 to 22)

These are the best things worth doing in NYC this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

what your favorite reality show says about you
What Your Favorite Reality TV Show Says About You

Yes, it matters which Real Housewives series you love most.

There’s a Giant Rosé Picnic Coming to New York City This Summer

Rosé, food, music, and fireworks — what could be better?

new Trader Joe's product
Corgi Con
giant favorite foods 2018 best
rainbow foods
30 of the Most Colorful Foods We Could Find Around the Country

Admit it: You're not totally over the unicorn trend.

inflatable rainbow sprinkler
Ice Cream Museum
The Museum of Ice Cream Released More Tickets in San Francisco

Because who doesn't want to swim in a pool of sprinkles?

Dive Into a Pool of 500,000 Marshmallows at Candytopia

This LA museum is so sweet, you'll need to visit your dentist afterward ...

The 90s Bar Crawl is moving around the country to let you relive your childhood
Try Not to Freak Out, But There's a '90s Bar Crawl Moving Around the Country

Now this is a story all about how ... I relived my childhood!

The Denver Aquarium offers a Yoga with Sharks
You’ll Need Sunglasses to Eat This 24-Karat-Gold Ice Cream

Because we needed another over-the-top dessert to obsess over.

How This Couple Turned a Run-Down House Into an LA Icon

The Mosaic Tile House was kind of created by accident.

The Happy Place experience just opened in LA
Chromat at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) had a model on the runway with Flamin' Hot Cheetos
Hello Critter offers figuring drawing, writing, and yoga with goats
You Can Draw These Goats Like One of Your French Girls

Spoiler alert: Goats don't really stay still.

Loveland Valentine Re-mailing Program in Colorado for Valentine's Day
Onesie Bar Crawl in Denver, Colorado and around the country
Grab Your Onesies, Because This Bar Crawl Is Coming to Your City!

Can you think of anything better than drinking in your pajamas?

Cadbury is hiring a chocolate taster
Dillon Ice Castles in Colorado
Macy's partners with Verona Collections to sell modest clothing including hijabs
Macy's Will Start Selling Hijabs, and It's a Big Deal for US Fashion

The Verona Collection will be available on starting on Feb. 15.

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours has a treehouse hotel near Austin, Texas
Starbucks released a Cherry Mocha drink for Valentine's Day
Vive La Tarte in San Francisco created the tacro, a taco-croissant hybrid