10 Mug Warmers to Keep Your Coffee at the Perfect Temperature

Prevent your fresh-poured brew from cooling off too soon with a top-rated mug warmer.

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Place your energy-jolting coffee on top of these mug warmers so you can conquer your day.

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Mr. Coffee Electric Mug Warmer
Courtesy of Amazon

$7.00 BUY NOW

Best Overall

This affordable electric mug warmer is just over 5 inches wide, providing a roomy perch for a small bowl of soup or a massive mug of joe. The cord is also long, so you can plug it in even if your office's outlet is a considerable distance from your desk.

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Norpro Decorative Mug Warmer
Courtesy of Amazon

$22.00 BUY NOW

Best for the Office

No need to toss this gadget in your drawer before clocking out at the end of the day — this mug warmer's artful, crackled design qualifies it as a desk accessory.

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USB Mug Warmer
Courtesy of Amazon

$6.00 BUY NOW

Best for Laptop Users

This USB-powered mug warmer can plug right into the port on your computer, so you never have to worry about short cords that won't reach the outlet.

Maverick Auto Café Mug Warmer
Courtesy of Amazon

$30.00 BUY NOW

Best for the Car

This warmer works with a variety of disposable cups (plastic, foam, and paper) in case your morning leads you to a drive-thru coffee window. Its design includes a 12-volt adapter — plug it into your car and drop it into a cupholder. Your java stays at the perfect temperature the whole ride.

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug With Mug Warmer Function
Courtesy of Amazon

$80.00 BUY NOW

Best Wireless Mug Warmer

This ceramic mug maintains your ideal temperature with literally no strings attached. Its accompanying Ember app even lets you save temp preferences for each of your favorite drinks, so every sip is as good as the first.

Home-X Mug Warmer Desktop Heated Coffee and Tea Mug Warmer
Courtesy of Amazon

$8.00 BUY NOW

Best for Minimalists

No frills, no nonsense, and no need for pages of instructions. Mug warmers have one job. This one does it, plain and simple, and at a price tag that's hard to beat.

HEYANG Electric Coffee Mug Warmer
Courtesy of Amazon

$19.00 BUY NOW

Best for Quick Cleaning

The warming plate on this sleek electric coaster is high-strength, waterproof glass, so it's super easy to wipe clean. Bonus: Its glossy black top makes it one of the best-looking options out there.

Stirring Mug Warmer
Courtesy of Amazon

$20.00 BUY NOW

Best for Hot Cocoa

You know how the last sips of hot cocoa get goopy from the powder that didn't dissolve? This electric mug warmer has a genius stirring mode for perfectly blended hot beverages like cocoa, coffee and sugar, and even tea and honey. Problem solved!

Continental Electrics Bluetooth Speaker Mug Warmer
Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

$15.00 BUY NOW

Best for Music Lovers

Like to wake up with music along with your daily caffeine fix? This mug warmer from Continental Electrics has Bluetooth capability to play your jams while you sip your joe.

Jura Mug Warmer
Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

$200.00 BUY NOW

Best for a Crowd

Work with a crew of other coffee addicts? This high-end warmer is great for commercial use or for caffeine-addicted households. A multilevel interior (divided between espresso, cappuccino, and coffee) can hold a total of 15 cups. A closed system maintains uniform results by locking in heat.

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