11 Top-Rated Leaf Blowers That Make Yard Work a Breeze

Yes, there's actually a lawn under all those leaves!

best leaf blowers

Unless you want to spend all weekend running around with a rake, you're best to invest in one of these handy and efficient leaf blowers.

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Toro UltraPlus Leaf Blower and Vacuum



Topping the list of Amazon's best-selling leaf blowers is the Toro UltraPlus, which is a hybrid leaf blower and vacuum. It reaches a speed of up to 250 mph, proving that for the price and size, it's definitely a mighty instrument. It even features variable speed control for both modes of operation and an oscillating nozzle attachment that pretty much does all the work for you (no need to strain the wrists!).

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DEWALT 40-Volt Lithium Cordless Leaf Blower



Though this DeWALT only comes with a 3-year warranty compared to the five of the Troy-Bilt and Kobalt, the brand has proven time after time that their things are built to last. Their cordless impact gun recently topped our list in that category, and we can safely say they've got a strong contender with this leaf blower. It weighs less than 10 pounds, and it has a variable trigger that lets you meter its output depending on the setting you're using it in.

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Husqvarna Professional Backpack Blower



When it comes to this list, this is about as serious as it gets. With 235 mph output from a motor the size of a scooter, this is the kind of blower that you'll see on construction sites and in the hands of landscapers and other trades. If you're a give-me-the-best-you've-got type of shopper, this one's for you.

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Kobalt 80-Volt Lithium Cordless Leaf Blower



Capable of running for 70 minutes on a single charge and boasting an amazing 5-year warranty, it's no wonder this leaf blower from Kobalt is so well-reviewed. The best part is that it charges in only 30 minutes, so if the first charge isn't enough to get the job done, you can recharge it and get back to work in a hurry (with some time to stop for a glass of lemonade in between).

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Troy-Bilt CORE 40-Volt Lithium Cordless Leaf Blower



While this Troy-Bilt unit isn't as powerful as the Kobalt listed above, it wins points for being extremely light and compact. This is a great cordless option for those with smaller yards and limited storage space.

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Homelite Electric Leaf Blower



Starting with the basics, this super-simple electric leaf blower is great for smaller yards because you'll be limited in reach by how long of an extension cord you have handy. The unit is one of the more lightweight of the bunch as well, meaning your arms won't tire out as you clear the yard.

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Craftsman Gas-Powered Leaf Blower



If your yard is a bit too big or impractically shaped for dragging a power cord along, this gas-powered leaf blower from Craftsman is the way to go. The compact and small-engined unit is a great step up for those wanting a light-duty blower with decent output without going to a backpack-style setup.

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Ryobi Gas Backpack Blower



If some serious clearing of dirt and debris is in order, a backpack blower is a high-functioning option that's also easier on the body. Capable of going up to 185 mph and weighing only 18 pounds, this unit will help you get the job done in a hurry (without the strain).

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Black + Decker Electric Blower and Vacuum



Black + Decker comes to the table with an affordable option that wins out by being one of only a few units with a vacuum function. This means you can use the same tool to clean your garage as you would to clean the yard — smart thinking!

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Ryobi One+ Cordless Electric Blower



Ryobi's ONE+ cordless tools with lithium batteries are all compatible with the same charger system. This one comes with the charger, which means that you won't need to bother with the charger upgrade on any other Ryobi ONE+ purchases you make. This blower's variable-speed trigger allows you to adjust the speed to up to 100 mph, letting you choose between a shorter full-power operation or low-power operation for a lighter effect but a longer life.

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Craftsman 2-Speed Electric Blower



Craftsman is always a safe bet for tools that offer great bang for your buck, and this affordable electric blower is a great example. It boasts a surprisingly high 240 mph output, which is way higher than the rest of our offerings below $100.