Put an End to Pesky Insects With These Bug Zappers

Bugs, be gone!

electric bug zappers electric bug zappers

Buzz-buzz, buzz-buzz! That sound could drive someone insane. Luckily for you, we've gathered the best bug zappers and swatters to eradicate all the wasps, mosquitoes, and other insects you can imagine, so you don't have to hear that horrible sound again.

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Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer

from $47.86


No need to worry about spending lots of time cleaning this bug zapper. Its non-clogging grid keeps buildup at bay. Not only that, but its powerful bulb is capable of luring insects starting at half an acre away (all the way up to 1.5 acres). It even comes with a USDA-tested octenol attractant, which will lure mosquitos right to it.

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Teza Products Insect Zapper

from $61.84


As long as it's hooked up to a power source, this weatherproof zapper works in pretty much any outdoor climate. Its attractive UV light covers a 6,000-square-foot range, and it stays very quiet thanks to the zapper's magnetic transformer.

Quick tip from a customer on Amazon: Use compressed air to clean it out!

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Zap-It! Bug Zapper



Looking for a handheld zapper, but nothing too big? This one is perfectly sized, and it features a built-in LED light for nighttime use, plus a powerful 4,000-volt grid with a built-in safety mesh for human hands. It's also rechargeable, so you don't have to use or replace batteries.

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Kaz Stinger Rechargeable Cordless Insect Zapper Lantern



While this outdoor-specific lantern bug zapper hangs around your deck, patio, or camping space, it works at a cat-quiet volume that won't disturb you (or anyone else). Fully charged, this cordless unit continuously runs for a little over three hours, and it's meant to complement outdoor decor, thanks to its lantern design.

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PestZilla Robust UV Electronic Bug Zapper



Budget-friendly doesn't have to mean ineffective! This zapper's UV light reaches up to 6,000 square feet, and it features replaceable bulbs, so it'll last you a seriously long time. It also has a removable collecting tray, so you'll never have to touch the bugs.

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Hammacher Schlemmer Solar-Powered Bug Zapper



This solar-powered bug zapper is perfect for outdoor use because it doesn't require an outlet. It uses five integrated panels to absorb energy and stay charged, so it's ready to leave your home or yard free of any unwanted bugs. This unit's six UV bulbs turn on and off automatically to lure mosquitos and zap them with its 300-volt charge. The most amazing part? It can attract insects within a half-acre radius!